Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Yum cha at Sky Phoenix Skygarden

I regularly visit Sky Phoenix in the Skygarden building for yum cha because it is conveniently located in the centre of town, and you don’t usually have to wait for a table, something that really urks me about the yum cha places in Chinatown.
Sky Phoenix went through a mediocre phase a few months ago, but now the food is above par again and the service is good – quick and friendly, so it leaves more time for shopping!

Here are some photos of the yummy food – the duck dumplings were particularly good and a novelty because I’d never had them before. The other dishes are our 'usual', things we always order. And we only had mango pancakes (best in Sydney) for dessert, not the whole trolley!


  1. Food looks fab. I really have to check this place out some time. Did you go with Lorraine or were you two channeling each other? :-D

  2. hi y - no, NQN and I went separately. Must be that great minds think alike...?