Sunday, June 1, 2008

Cat amongst the …plates

At Adriano Zumbo’s getting my usual Saturday order of chorizo bread and almond croissant, when I noticed that the macarons were looking much larger than usual. So obviously I had to get a couple, for research purposes, of course.

The flavours here are peanut butter, passionfruit and yoghurt, and mandarin.
Tried the passionfruit one first. It was absolutely gorgeous (see, that adjective doesn’t only apply to scrapbooking supplies). The soft bits of the macaron were so tangy with passionfruit flavour, and the filling had that tart hint of yoghurt. My favourite.

I thought I’d take a glamour shot of the macaron with my yellow teacup and saucer. So I got it out of the cupboard but accidentally left the cupboard door open. I didn’t notice till about 10 seconds later, after I took the photo, that Tabby had secreted herself in the cupboard, right amongst my nice *clean* crockery. Eeeek!


  1. mmm zumbos passionfruit macaron is my favourite! howd the peanut butter macaron taste?

  2. chocolatesuze - the peanut butter one was a bit too sweet for me, and not very peanutty. I'd stick with the passionfruit.

  3. Your cat in the cupboard is so cute.

  4. Hi umami - yes, she's cute but Annoying.