Thursday, June 19, 2008

Don’t try to say it, just point to it

Just try to pronounce ‘sfogliadelle’ through a mouthful of the said pastry. Suh-fog-leeah-dell-a. It’s not that hard to say, but it’s pretty hard to chew. Sfogliadelle is a pastry that looks like a clamshell, and it’s made from pasta sheets, which gives it some ‘tooth’ (just be careful not to break a molar on it). The filling is orangey custard with bits of orange peel. I’m not a fan of citrus, so for me, I’d stick with the zuccerati for now.


  1. OOh I haven't had these in ages. Had completely forgotten about them. Might have to make some sometime :) .. or get me to Bertoni, whichever comes first!

  2. hey y - you must make some and let us know how it's done. They look so complex, but surely easy for a pro like you?

  3. Um.. no :) I made it once a couple of years ago. It involved a lot of filo pastry and plenty of lard between the layers!