Wednesday, January 30, 2008

… what I can’t resist!

How hard is it to walk past an absolute jewel of a shop, whose contents call out ‘Eat me…!!!’ every time you draw near (and even when you’re out of earshot)? I’ve eaten my way through most of Adriano Zumbo’s cakes since he opened last year.
Here is a selection of the ‘seasonal’ ranges so far. I haven’t photographed the regulars, like the chorizo bread and quiches, because they look like normal breads and quiches, although they are mighty tasty.
In no particular order….

First out of the plane is Envious (though it seems to be a regular, sitting in its spot behind the glass, beneath the macarons). Looks like chocolate, tastes like passionfruit!

This is Agadoo. It didn’t have a name for a while, and I’ll admit I was disappointed when it was finally named. I would have preferred ‘Gilligan’s Island’, all tropical with pineapple, coconut and lemongrass. Maybe if the lemon was replaced with ginger, it could become Gilligan.

More to come.

PS: Because I’m too busy gobbling cake, I haven’t always made note of what is in them. So I’ve had to rely on other, more observant people for the descriptions. Thanks for knowing your priorities (and having more finely-tuned taste buds than me).


A sight to make any red-blooded woman’s heart skip a beat…

…It’s manky cat

A kitty showed up a few weeks ago, meowing at the door. How could you not let her in? And pet her. And fuss over her. She looks manky because she is blond, but with black swatches all over, as if dabbed with a dryish paint brush. I hope she continues to visit (she does have Owners), though she was harassed the other night by a mean black cat that lives nearby.