Thursday, June 5, 2008

Red means good luck!

This is a card I made for my aunt’s tai chi teacher, who is turning eighty-something. I ran the red paper through the Cuttlebug using my one and only embossing folder, Bloom Dots (I noticed that paper can crinkle a bit whereas cardstock works better).

Inside the card are a couple of Chinese characters, for Longevity and Prosperity, stamped on gold paper and cut into circles and tied with red ribbon. The card is quite large, by the way (A4) because it is to be signed by all the teacher’s students.


  1. Fabulous card, Belle! Love the stamped gold circles and, since it is A4 in size, it must be really impressive in RL.

  2. hi lin mei - thanks, I do think it looks alright. Hope the tai chi oldies like it!