Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A polite yum cha establishment

At the shopping mecca that is Westfield Bondi Junction, sits a yum cha palace much like many others in Sydney – you have to get there early (before 12pm) if you want a table on weekends, the décor is rosewood and silk embroidery, and there are some really polite trolley ladies. Wait, did I say polite?

Yes, at Kam Fook at WBJ, the trolley girls always say ‘Excuse me, har gau, sui mai?’ or ‘Hello, would you like to try the ?’. Normally, at other places, they just bark ‘Anything else?’. It is so refined and, well, nice. And the food isn’t bad either.

And completely randomly, has anyone noticed the great divide that is Bronte Rd in Bondi Junction? We wandered into the Eastgate complex last time and it’s like a different world. WBJ is full of glam tanned young things in minis and Havianas, and Eastgate is sort of … the opposite. But it does have Kmart.


  1. What is this world coming to? A polite yum cha experience is like going to a mud wrestling event to find out that there's no mud! Or going to Kam Fook and finding out that they accept credit cards :)

    Glad to hear you had a good time there, Belle!

  2. hi lin mei - we always have a good time when there's food around! And getting good service to boot is icing on the cake.

  3. I really love having Yum Cha there before a movie. Love the comfy chairs.

  4. hi belinda - yes, the chairs are nice, aren't they? Then, just make sure to get the wide 'couples' seats in cinema upstairs, and you're set.

  5. LOL I know what you mean, I love polite yum cha. Sometimes it's really hard to get the trolley ladies to even stop and even then they can't be bothered. It's much nicer when you don't feel like you're trying to hail a taxi in peak hour

  6. lorraine - that's right, it's so hard to flag down a rapid trolley when you are starving, too!