Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Winter Zumbo cakes revisited and named

It's been a month since the Adriano Zumbo winter range was unveiled, so it's time to give them another try.

Ed Rocks the Cradle is a coffee-based mousse cake, encased in a rocker of chocolate. And it really rocks, as well! See demonstration of rockability below:

I didn't notice it before, but there is a milk-bottle lolly stuck in the top...

Though it needs a bit of a push to get the cradle rocking...

This cake, formerly known as 'W', is called 'Danny has tickets to her box office' (ahem!)

The flourless chocolate base is my favourite bit.

And the cakes haven't lost their shine, or their pulling power, selling out most weekends.


  1. LOL @ demonstration of its rockability.

    Whereabouts in Balmain is it anyway? Darling street? I'll be around that area for work and I'm itching to give it a go (I think I'm the only one in the whole of sydney who hasn't tasted zumbo's cakes! hmmmm... that didn't come out right LOL).

  2. hehehe i love how you took pics of it rocking!

  3. hi Trisha - Finally! The cake shop is at 296 Darling St Balmain. It's just down towards the town hall from Woolworths. Can't wait to see what you think.

    hi K - er, yes, I like to play with my food!

  4. FLOURLESS! I love flourless cakes especially simone logues cakes O_o. That "W" cake looks awesome!!!

    I've finally made an appointment to try a couple of cakes from zumbo and the W is definitely on my list now it looks soooooo gooooodddddddd

  5. this one looks tasty and fun to eat!

  6. Cute rocking demo! How does it travel? Does it have a special support?

  7. hi Lorraine - yeah, rock on!

    hi Leona - I miss Simmone Logue -she closed her shop in Balmain. Hope you get to try lots of Zumbo's!

    hi panda - they're all tasty and even better when you can play with them!

    hi Arwen - it's pretty stable if it's stored in a small box so there's less room to move. It can stand on its own (as long as you resist the temptation to push it...

  8. hahaha omg it actually rocks =D ahh can't believe I still haven't gotten my ass down to try Zumbo's winter range yet. Thanks for keeping us updated though.

  9. Why can't I live in Sydney!!!!! Although if I lived anywhere near the Adrian Zumbo shop I would be one of those women you see on t.v that need a crane to get them out of the house. So maybe its a good thing I'm in Melbourne! lol

  10. hi Linda - you're welcome. Hope you can get to experience the bliss soon.

    hi Maria - just so you know, I am on the way to being the size of a house. Comes with living across the road from Zumbo's *sigh*