Friday, June 26, 2009

Kat tries KitKat

While waiting in line at the Asian supermarket in World Square (Sydney), I noticed some Japanese KitKats beside the counter. I'm not a small child, but even I was excited at the flavour - Muscat of Alexandria.

So I got one.

There are 2 wrapped KitKats inside the box. When you open the wrapper, the odour of really sickly sweet chocolate (or something) assails you. The bar looks like a normal KitKat, and is a creamy white colour. It tastes like....something I don't ever want to eat again.

Tabitha cat agrees, even as the smell of it leaks out of the unopened packet.

I'm keeping an eye out for other flavours, but I'd give this one a miss.


  1. oooh your cat is SO cute !!
    haha, i've had green tea kitkat (which i think you can get from there too)

    but ...muscat-flavoured ANYTHING is always a miss in my books :\ haha
    it's one of those fruits that look deceptively tasty but when you eat it ...yuck!

  2. hi eden - hehe, isn't that always the way - they lure you in with the packaging and then you taste it and it's too late!

  3. That doesn't sound good at all, especially with white chocolate. I love the photos of your cat being disdainful!

  4. hi Arwen - Tabitha is naturally curious at anything, but really turned up her nose at this!