Saturday, June 13, 2009

Masked revels at Wagaya (and happy birthday)

The stars and planets aligned on Friday for a night of nights in the Sydney foodblogging world. For it was chocolatesuze’s birthday, and we all turned out to celebrate! Suze had organised a private room at Wagaya Japanese restaurant (Harbour St, Haymarket, opposite the Entertainment Centre) and we left our shoes at the door to have a fun evening of photography, food – and masks.

So here it is:
Birthday girl chocolatesuze with gift of deliciously bejewelled macaron necklace

Food was gorgeous (and plentiful), and included spaghetti with cheesey mushroom sauce, and sashimi

Presenting the birthday cake: an ice cream lamb cake (shaped, not flavoured, like a lamb)

Trish from Sugarlace kindly made cakepops for the bloggers – so envious of her obvious skill at this tricky delicacy!

Masked revellers: Belle, Leona and Jenny,
and Steph, Suze, Betty and Trina

Right back at you, Betty!
The ‘MasterChef judges’ made an hilarious appearance

Thanks, Suze, for getting us all together for an enjoyable night. Hope you have many more happy birthdays!


  1. Haha wow your speedy! Great to see you again and good timmmessss XD

  2. Oh wow I reckon the first photo (food bloggers + whizzing out the cameras) pretty much sums up what we are - we're food paparazzis!!!
    Aw and thanks for the plug re cakepops! So great to meet you finally and I'm sure there'll be lots more opportunities to catch up!

  3. great meeting you on friday!

  4. Haha awesome photos, the mask photos made me giggle a lot :D Was a great night and the cake pops were the cutest thing ever!

  5. hee good to see you again dude! and much thanks to you and will for the awesome pressie and i super love your card!

  6. dude I'm stealing the cakepop photo - I realised I didnt take anything during the night (I took some photos at home but they're dodgy hahaha!). Thanks!

  7. The macaroon necklace is such a cool idea. I like the look of the cakepops too - yum!

  8. Love your pics- looks like you guys had the best night! I love a masked party. Have you seen the masked ball episode of Gossip Girl, season 1? Very glamorous!

  9. hi FFichiban - great to chat with you, too!

    hi Betty - thanks, not many photos, so it was quick to do.

    hi Trisha - yes, we have a new name: Food Papps. And thanks again for the yummy cakepop.

    hi panda - lovely to meet you, too!

    hi Steph - the masks were a great idea, weren't they?

    hi chocolatesuze - thanks for arranging a such a fun night.

    hi Arwen - yes, the necklace was beautiful(very realistic, too!)

  10. hi Carla - no, I haven't watched Gossip Girl. But if it has fashion and gossip, then maybe I should?!

    hi bean sprout - it was definitely fun - and with great food!

  11. Belle!!!!!!
    lol gosh i look like a dill HHAHA damn masks! Loveeee the entryyyy it was lovely meeting you on friday ^_^

    shall meet up for a coffee downstairs ^_^ had their soy mocha's for the first time today..

    it they make soy taste so niceee!!

    I'll dm you in twitter with my wk email. It will be easier to organise coffee that way ^_^

  12. hi Leona - look forward to meeting up again. And you looked beauuuutiful in your mask!