Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Is it or isn't it - new Charlotte sister

So what do you think when you see a new cake on display at Adriano Zumbo that appears to have the name of a blogger on it? Is it or isn’t it???

Charles at the shop wasn’t certain, but surely this cake is after
ragingyoghurt? There’s a typo in the name plaque, but all signs point to it.

It is also a Charlotte, and like
the other Charlottes before, it contains biscuit, mousse and jelly. This one is tangy passionfruity and extremely delicious.

So, here is the latest Charlotte sister – Raging Yoghurt Charlotte!

Update: We have confirmation from the lady herself - yes, it's raging yoghurt's. Congratulations on another winner, sweetie!


  1. Oh hey! Nice discovery! Will have to go back sometime to see this cake and how things have evolved. Escape from Colombian Rainforest looks like it has had an upgrade from Tomatom's photo on twitter!

  2. hey, it's me! and i'm delicious! yay.

    there was a brief period a couple of weeks back when, three times in a row, a different staff member would ask if i'd seen my cake. i hadn't.

    that passionfruit yoghurt mousse looks so good! i am celebrating the end of a deadline tomorrow. perhaps *this* is the way to go. :)

  3. Ooh i know of no other raging yohurts! Such excitement. An encore tribute! And the cake looks amazing too.

  4. oh nice, another new cake! Will be sure to eat one and reading bowb's blog at the same time just for kicks ;)

  5. wow... yeah, should eat the cake and reading her blog in the same time :D

    I have never tried charllote there, this one looks cool, the sponge fingers are only 1 side lol

  6. Raging Yoghurt is such a good name it's no wonder it's been honoured in the cake!

  7. Hi Simon – it’s interesting how the cakes are tweaked over time. And the new coke can is amazingly detailed.

    Hi bowb – Congratulations on another coup! This one is so fabulous, though the original rice pudding in a glass was pretty impressive, too! I’m surprised you haven’t tried it yet...

    Hi Helen – yes, there’s only one Raging! And this cake really is delicious.

    Hi Dale – yes, it’s a great tribute

    Hi Howard – great idea. Wish she would start writing again...

    Hi Bean Sprout – hey, yeah, it looks like they ran out of biscuit, doesn’t it? But it still tastes good!

    Hi Arwen – isn’t it a great name? She has some wonderful original designs, too.