Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Merivale Winter Feasts - Launched!

The 2009 Merivale Winter Feasts programme has been launched, and what great deals there are! Things were kicked off with a free-for-all at establishment, which highlighted the restaurants and chefs involved. The restaurants are offering a range of courses for $35 pp for lunch and dinner, so it's all (very) good.

It’s clever of the merivale group to let the restaurants promote their menus in this manner. The chefs and staff were on hand to set up, serve and chat to the customers, which in itself is a great marketing tool. And the food – it was absolutely fantastic, with canap├ęs and drinks provided.

I was fortunate enough to trail in with VIP
chocolatesuze and got to photograph the venue (and food) before the crowds arrived. Thanks, Suze!

Here is a brief rundown of the event:

The Chefs 'Chronic' Dan Hong from Lotus puts sweet wasabi mayonnaise on tuna tartare; look, it's Michelle from MasterChef, at Mad Cow; Ura San from sushi e

The Food

The Bistro CBD table; tartare of ocean trout, from est; bites from teppanyaki; the most incredible filo tartlets with mascarpone realle and honey quince puree, from Ash St Cellar

The Venue

And see you all at the restaurants soon!


  1. Ooh those filo tartlets do look good! Looks like a great night, do you know which place you're going for dinner first ;) I'm going for a cocktail class at the gin garden tonight!

  2. Pretty lights and dainty morsels. Looks like a nice night.

  3. ooh, looks like a fun night! great to have friends in high places ;)

  4. hey no worries dude! and yes those filo tarts were so freaking awesome! and lol at chronic dan hee the tuna tartare was so delish!

  5. hi Steph - lunch is on the agenda, maybe at Ash St Cellar - hoping they have those filo tarts!

    hi Arwen - it's a nice venue but can get really crowded. The food was fab, though.

    hi Betty - haha, I may have forced myself on the VIP invitees...

    hi Suze - it was nice to see the chefs, wasn't it? And still dreaming about the wasabi mayo!