Friday, June 12, 2009

Guess the Macaron (maker)

Here is a quick quiz:

Look at the picture of macarons below. Who are they created by?
a) Donna Hay
b) Adriano Zumbo
c) Someone with a vivid imagination and tastebuds
d) Don't know

Here is another look...

Have you worked it out yet?



Answers are:

Donna Hay's are traditional but yummy. Adriano Zumbo's are...Zumbo. The salt and vinegar macaron is 'interesting' to say the least. And answers b) and c) are interchangeable. How did you do?


4 correct - You should be on MasterChef. Have a macaron as a reward!
3 correct - Getting there. Must eat more macarons.
2 correct - You need to get out more. And eat more macarons.
0-1 correct - You're not trying hard enough. You don't deserve macarons...oh, alright, you can have one...


  1. Ha! I thought you were going to say that you made some of them! :P

  2. Lorraine - as if! There's no way could I make macarons!