Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Handful (or two) of Daims

On a recent visit to IKEA, I came home loaded down with a kilo of meatballs and almost a kilo of Daim candies.

I thought the lollies would be more like a cut-down version of a Daim bar, but it's actually quite petite, at less than 2cm in length. But it still tastes the same - that wonderful blend of chocolate, caramel and almond bits.

I also bought some cute little plastic glasses (Duktig?) that I thought would be lovely as bud vases, but I've found that they are perfect for holding a couple of Daims. And placed strategically around the house, they satisfy that constant craving for something sweet.

My dentist is rejoicing at the increased income I'm providing.

Daim in the kitchen; tempting Tabitha cat; tempting Snappy lobster; for those late night nibbles


  1. i love the glasses and what a great way of strategically using them to place lollies around the house!

  2. Snappy lobster is cute, but not such a good poser as your cat. She's really photogenic!

  3. Daim are so good aren't they. Totally addictive! I have a bag of these exact ones in the fridge and I try and ration myself. Well I try... :P

  4. LOL I love the idea of placing the Daim cups sporadically around the house - now there's always an excuse for that sudden sugar fix!

  5. Interior decorating combined with sugar hit - ingenious!

  6. thank goodness you have sugar hits dotted around the house, you never know when a low blood glucose level might hit you. For your own safety its a good idea! lol

  7. hi panda - the glasses are cute, aren't they? And the perfect size to hold lollies.

    hi Arwen - Tabitha cat says thank you!

    hi Lorraine - tell me about it. Because they're so small, they're easier to eat!

    hi Trisha - that's what I say - there's no excuse not to have a Daim.

    hi Tina - haha, interior decorating is another way to put it!

    hi Maria - lol, glad to see we're on the same wavelength!