Thursday, April 2, 2009

Zumbo Macarons through the ages...

I do like a colourful blog post, and they don't get any more colourful than Adriano Zumbo Patissier's macarons.

Here are some of his creations that have featured macarons.

Top row (l-r): Merry-go-round (Jun 2007), Cherry Cherry (Nov 2008), Houdini (Jun 2007)
Middle row: Religieuse (Nov 2007), Envious (Oct 2007), Macaron Marie (Dec 2007)
Bottom row: Yuzu no a nothing (Nov 2008), Christmas Log (Dec 2007)

The dates are when I took the photos, and around the time the cakes first came out.
Macaron Marie and Houdini ...*sigh* ... *swoon*...


  1. Loving the pretty macaron collage! So very colourful and delicious looking!

  2. Lovely colours! The macaroon marie looks gorgeous.

    This is the second entry i saw about the macaroons!

    I must be from another planet but ive never heard of Zumbos before. Must try it one day their macaroons look AMAZINGGGGGGGGGG

    Just saw ur msg on twitter. Did u make it to the Zumbo store in time???

  4. Hahah very bright and cheerful ^^!I have to say I am disappointed at myself for not having tried more of these!

  5. hi missklicious - it's just the thing to brighten a rainy day, isn't it?

    hi Arwen - Macaron Marie is one of my all time faves - lychee and raspberry, yum.

    hi Leona - you have to join the zumbo army and get to the store; you will love it. And I missed out the other day but made up for it today...

    hi FFichiban - it's so sad that they discontinue some cakes, but at least it leaves room for the new batch.

  6. Very pretty Macarons... will get to Zumbo's eventually to try them :)

  7. I love a man that isn't afraid of colour! Which one was your favourite?