Monday, April 20, 2009

Wontons and noodles - a simple meal

What do you do when you have a mother who thinks you don't eat enough and is constantly pushing packages of food onto you? Little does she know that I eat quite a lot, thank you very much!

Anyway, my mum makes great wontons, so I wasn't going to say no to a couple of boxes of frozen wontons. They freeze well and are just the thing when you want to eat something simple without too much effort.

These wontons have a soft, silky wrapper and contain chicken, dried shrimp, dried mushrooms and spring onions. I cooked them in boiling water (till they rise to the surface, then for another 2 minutes or so). They are served with soba noodles in a soy-based stock, although I prefer ramen noodles but didn't have any on hand at the time.

Best dinner, ever!
Frozen wontons about to meet boiling water; great noodles in packet; free at last!

Floating wontons + noodles in soup = perfect dinner!


  1. giant frozen batches of wontons are an absolute Godsend. and i love that even though dinner takes five minutes (if that) to make, you feel like you're eating something wholesome & healthy!

    how do you do your soy stock?

  2. It's nice to be looked after by your mum, especially if it means home made food! It's great to have a standby in the freezer.

  3. You lucky girl! I wouldn't say no to wontons that good either! They look perfectly made, perhaps your mum could be a guest blogger on your site and show us how to make them? :)

  4. hi shez - I feel exactly the same way! And it's even better when someone else makes them. For the soup, I just boil some fresh water and add some soy sauce and maybe a packet of seasoning from those 2 minute noodles, or some miso paste.

    hi Arwen - I don't like to admit it that often, but I do appreciate mum's cooking!

    hi Anita - what a great idea! I'll have to persuade mum to get her hands dirty while I photograph the goods.

  5. wontons! delicious, esp with dry noodles and soya sauce!

  6. hi burpandslurp - my sentiments exactly!