Tuesday, April 14, 2009

When the country comes to the city...

The Royal Easter Show brings out the child in all of us, and this year was no exception as we braved threatening storm clouds for the thrill of showbags, farmyard nurseries, rides and Dagwood Dogs.

This is what we encountered on our fun day at the Show.

Kids' Carnival

Showbags on sale for the unwary; crowds galore; colourful rides

The Animals

Aww, an alpaca; cows -look out for cowpats; pony ride; Siberian Husky; Clydesdales
Sideshow Alley
Vintage posters; a couple of freaks; giant slide
District displays
Spectacular displays of fruit and veg from the pride of the land

The Food Dome
Wares from My Little Cupcake; fruit from Woolies; choc-dipped fruit;
had kransky in a roll for lunch, with sauerkraut; corn about to be roasted on a stick

Cake Decorating
Aren't they spectacular?

Preserves and Cakes

Preserves in jars; cakes on shelves; light fruitcake winner; panforte winner; onya, Lyall

Should have got the Hello Kitty bag for the umbrella - it pelted down as we left the showbag pavilion

The Rides!
Did not go on these rides - too wet (and too chicken)!
Summary: A FUN day was had by all. The Easter Show never changes, and that's what I love about it!


  1. OOoohhh... I know the Easter show is such a rip off but everyones posts makes me wanna go and eat eat eat!!! and showbaggss whheeee XD oohh and that husky is awesommeeness!

  2. I love the district display with the fish! The chocolate pears are making me hungry too.

  3. ah! i love the easter show! especially the animals and the produce section.

    looks like you had an absolutely fantastic day :)

  4. Nice memories! What was your favourite thing to see there? Did you go on any rides?

  5. Great photos - glad you had a fun day (it certainly looks like it)

  6. hi FFichiban - you would love it. You must try and go before it closes (have some fairy floss for me!)

    hi Arwen - I love the fruit displays, and that fish was very impressive.

    hi shez - I'm a bit iffy on the animals, but some of them are pretty cute. I had a fabulous time!

    hi Lorraine - I went for the cake decorating and wasn't disappointed. We didn't go on the rides because it was raining so hard (no excuse, I know). You must have got your money's worth on your visit, judging by your post!

    hi Anita - thanks, I really enjoyed myself!