Thursday, April 30, 2009

Rising Sun - in Beverly Hills 2209

Another Sunday night, another family dinner in salubrious Beverly Hills 2209.

Rising Sun Chinese Seafood Restaurant is one of my uncle's favourites. It's not much to look at, but it's never been featured on the NSW Health Authority's name and shame file (yet). Most importantly, the food is great, traditional Cantonese, it's efficient and crowded and everyone seems to enjoy themselves.

And it has those teapots that are seen around Sydney's Chinese restaurants, with the address of some place on the Hume Highway in Yagoona... I can report that it is an advertisement for some furniture place. What an anti-climax!

To celebrate uncle and aunt's return from HK, we had Peking duck and crab. The sharks' fin soup is a specialty here, and it's popular because it's relatively cheap (a couple of dollars per bowl?). I'm not usually a crab eater (occasion allergies), so I stuck with the vermicelli, which was soft, rich and hinted slightly of crab.

Overall, it was a dependably good meal. Rising Sun faces competition from Yummy Seafood Restaurant, which is directly across the road. I prefer Yummy's atmosphere (cleaner, more spacious), but food-wise, they are pretty similar. Both are worth trying. Is that being too wishy-washy?
Outside of the restaurant; inside the restaurant, with Hong Kong cable channel, red menus on the wall

Famous teapots; shark's fin soup

Peking duck pancakes (1st course); sang choi bau (2nd course)

Honey pepper beef (yum); braised tofu with prawn

Crab hotpot with vermicelli

Complimentary red bean soup and orange slices (and final shot of those teapots)

Rising Sun Chinese Seafood Restaurant is on King Georges Rd, Beverly Hills (corner of Stoney Creek Rd)


  1. Awww, I miss Sydney so much, in my opinion you have the best asian food. I used to have a soup called laksa, and I'm still trying to find something similar here in NY. With no success.

  2. That looks so delicious! And LOL at the health dept list (I do check that but it's quite scary!) and those teapots are hilarious. We first saw them at Shanghai Night. I wonder if people actually visit that store?

  3. Wahh.. peking duck, crab noodles, shark fin soup *_____* Chinese banquet food has this way of making you feel all warm and healthy inside

  4. hi Anna - it's a shame you can't get good laksa in NY! Have you tried looking in They have recommendations for NYC.

    hi Lorraine - I've bookmarked the NSW Health site cos when you eat out a lot, it's a must!

    hi Grace - healthy? Of course it is! At least I try to convince myself.

    hi Suze - dark colours are nice, but very high maintenance...

  5. AHA I meant happy! how did I type healthy lol