Thursday, April 9, 2009

Northern Exposure: Sushi and a taxi ride

As a Sydney CBD habitue, I feel a bit lost outside of my preferred environment. So, a stint in the civilised wilds of North Sydney meant a change of pace and a longer commute. And a chance to discover the lunch spots of the northern metropolis.

Inside Greenwood Plaza (opposite the train station), is a clean and modern food court. There's a choice of some good cafes and takeaway outlets, and (drumroll) the Little Tokyo Sushi Bar. There is a takeaway counter at the front, and a well-stocked sushi train at the back.

The staff are friendly and efficient, and the sushi chefs are great to watch as they roll and cut the sushi treats. We ate at the sushi train, and the sushi and sashimi was very fresh, nicely prepared, and best of all, they kept it coming - nothing worse than a sparse sushi train.

Standout dishes included the grilled salmon sushi, salmon sashimi, and the crab claws (some of the better ones I've had, because it was all crab, not some scungey prawny filler).

The dishes are reasonably priced, with only 3 price points ($2.80, $3.40 and $4.50). As usual, most of the dishes we had were the pricey black-plated ones, but it was worth it.

I still have another week in Nth Sydney and am looking forward to trying some of the other places. Thanks for your recommendations.

Travelling across the Harbour Bridge is a bit of a novelty for me, hence the picture-taking from the taxi back to the city.


  1. Ahh nice bridge shot! and oohh I haven't sushi trained in a loonngg time.

    Oh are u also gonna go Rengaya? Heard they got a good lunchtime tonkatsu from Yas

  2. I love going over the bridge too. I lived in Chatswood for a while and the novelty didn't wear off too fast.

    It's great watching sushi being made. I wish I could be that efficient in the kitchen.

  3. Nothing as exciting as that was happening when I worked in North Sydney I have to say! I love watching the sushi chefs make sushi too but it only emphasises how inefficient I make it :P

  4. North Syd has a few gems, Rengaya is one of them! Coffee isn't too bad either. Hope you find more good places to eat with 1 week left.

  5. Yum! Great photos - thanks for sharing...and you're right, the cost isn't that bad at all!

  6. hi FFichiban - I love sushi train because you don't have to wait for food. And yes, Rengaya is def on the agenda.

    hi Arwen - I feel like a tourist sometimes, but the Bridge is like that, isn't it?

    hi Lorraine - colour and movement of the sushi chefs at lunchtime sure takes the mind off work!

    hi Howard - thanks for the Rengaya recommendation. I can't wait to try it out.

    hi Tiffany - thanks, I love good value as much as good food!