Saturday, April 25, 2009

Full House - and not that 70s/80s show

A late start on Anzac Day meant that our plans for yum cha were thwarted - the parade was still on, but the yum cha places in Chinatown and the CBD were already packed. Feeling a bit faint (no breakfast - big mistake!), we made a beeline for the nearest eatery - Full House Japanese and Korean 'fusion' restaurant.

I've been here for lunch, and it's really busy, being in the midst of the office towers of Pitt St. It is located opposite the Arthouse Hotel, upstairs in a quite dingy courtyard (stuck in the 1970s). Its neighbours include Peking VIP restaurant and Han Cook Korean.

We had some of the lunch sets, good value at around $9.90 to $12.90. We also had a plate of sashimi, though we ordered sushi and they brought the wrong dish. It was okay regardless.

The bibimbap in hotpot was a large bowl of rice filled with beef and veges - a bit light on the beef, according to bf, who is a committed carnivore. He also complained that the veges weren't picked as advertised, but it looked alright to me...

I had the tempura bento, and it was lovely, with the nice surprise addition of a piece of agedashi tofu, my favourite!

The sashimi (supposed to be sushi) was okay, reasonably fresh, and a large serve given the $13.50 price tag...

The complimentary side dishes included a whiteish seaweed covered in flavourless salad cream. Interesting texture that was crunchy and smooth. The waitress described it as 'seafood' which confused us at first, until we heard another waitress call it 'seaweed'. Ah, makes sense now...

It was pleasant sitting out on the balcony, being serenaded by the hits of Michael Jackson from the restaurant speakers and also by the sound of bagpipes from the Anzac parade.

Full House is a place to remember when you want a quick, simple, 'fusion' meal away from the hubbub of the city.


  1. Ahhh memories. Seems like shows were oh-so wholesome back then.

  2. I used to love Fullhouse ( the restaurant, i don't think i actually watched the TV show), but we moved on - I do remember it being one of the few restaurants open on public holidays, which was a great thing. Maybe I'll have to pay it another visit with my UNSW student card - i think i get discounts!

  3. Ahh yay for Michael Jackson!

  4. i loved full house!!

    i'll remember this place when i'm looking for a quick and easy meal. i love the free side dishes ;)

  5. What a funny name for a restaurant. I too remember the tv show very fondly!

  6. Full House, what a great show that was. I use to watch it religiously along with "Charles in Charge". Looking back, that was quite a lame show.

    Anyway, is this the restaurant on Pitt St near Dirt Cheap CD's ? I think I walk past it all the time heh.

  7. Hehe serenaded by MJ! Wow, I've never seen white seaweed before. I must keep an eye out for it! :)

  8. I love bibimbap in a hot bowl. It's funny that your bf complained about the lack of meat. My vego friend always complains about how hard it is to get it without meat. Opposite problems!

  9. hi Helen - yeah, times change, don't they?

    hi Chris - you get student discounts? It's enough to make one stay a student forever!

    hi FFichiban - I was bopping to Billie Jean while eating!

    hi Betty - yes, the side dishes are great, tasty too!

    hi Y - maybe they're hoping for a Full House at each sitting?

    hi Howard - Charles in Charge, that's so daggy! And yes, its above Dirt Cheap CDs, you should check it out.

    hi Lorraine - I've never heard of white seaweed either. It was ...interesting.

    hi Arwen - I think when something is advertised as 'meat', you expect more than a few strands. It tasted good though. Your friend could always ask for it without meat?