Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Perfect Weekend

Craft, cards and chocolate – that’s my idea of the perfect weekend.

The chocolate part came courtesy of a foodblogger meetup at the new Zumbo café, which has now been open for 3 days. Time for another visit, naturally. This time,
chocolatesuze, Lorraine, Christina and Tim, and Richard gathered in the lounge area of the café to try the goods.

I don’t want to drool on the keyboard as I’m writing this, so I’ll give a brief writeup of the afternoon (and I’m sure my fellow chocolate lovers will also provide their views):

1. We made ourselves comfy under the stunning red chandelier. Thanks to Lorraine and Suze for getting there early to bags the best area.
2. The hot cherry ripe chocolate was soooo rich and delicious, just like a melted cherry ripe.
3. The waitstaff are really charming and efficient.
4. There were some savoury rolls available, but we were there for the sweets
5. The deconstructed Miss Marple was like the
original from the cake shop, and came with balls of tangy orange jelly and strawberries (and a hair). We ate around it (the hair) and gave it a thumbs up, especially the Grand Marnier-scented filling.
6. ‘I am not a hamburger’ is the name given to a macaron-topped dessert that is the complete opposite of a Big Mac (in a good way)
7. The special was a fondant and peanut butter ice cream creation that is injected with a syringe of raspberry crème. It is served in a kidney-shaped bowl. Hello, Nurse, indeed!
8. Apparently syringes can be purchased from medical supply or possibly cake supply stores. It also helps if you have a relative who is a doctor.
9. The red wine chocolate that I tried (and enjoyed) on my
first visit has a quite alarming name that I won’t repeat here. It caused some degree of mirth/amazement, however, when its name was confirmed.
10. We all agreed that there should be more places like this, where you can enjoy dessert after a meal. Bring it on.

Gosh, that was a bit longer than I’d planned. But we had a great time. Thanks, guys, for being so entertaining! Hope we can meet up for some more sweetness and light soon.

Oh, and where do the craft and cards, come into it? That will have to wait till the next post…


  1. Yayy ^^! So good to finally meet you and the other foodbloggers :D Hope to see you again soon! Oh and you guys shouldn't have left so early as we had a nice chat with Adriano as we left :(

  2. I concur with everything that you said Belle! And I can't think of a better way to while away a Saturday afternoon. Great to see you guys again! :)

  3. I regret my decision not to come in favour of the Food + wine fair that I didn't end up making! Drat and bother! that looks amazing!

  4. Hi, it was fantastic meeting you both yesterday =)The more I look at it, the more I want to try the I'm Not A Hamburger~ can't wait until the next visit ^^;;

  5. OMG sooooooo jealous. I've been wanting to go to the cafe on Saturday as well, but was unable due to work commitments. I am definitely going to dedicate a whole afternoon to dessert samplng soon =D

  6. hi ffichiban - I enjoyed meeting you as much as the desserts we scoffed. Hope to see you again soon.

    hi lorraine - yes, it was certainly one of our better afternoons. I won't look at those red wine chocs the same way again...

    hi reemski - you missed a great afternoon. Maybe you could drop by another time. They are open till 7pm.

    hi chris - very nice to meet you and Tim. Have fun with your (not) hamburger.

    hi linda - you have to try it. Look forward to seeing a review from you soon!

  7. good to see you and william again dude! i have to say i think i liked your dessert best!

  8. hi suze - even without the hair, it was very tasty. See you next time!