Tuesday, November 25, 2008

my dreams are slowly coming true...

When bf walked through the door today, I nearly swooned. Because he was holding a Zumbo box containing the following cake. My favorite flavour is lychee, so this creation is heaven on a plate. The name is a mystery though ('Have a chat Kai'?? what the?). Can anyone enlighten?

This is a very light cake, but no less delicious. Just makes you want another one. Immediately.

Even Tabitha cat was impressed:

There is also another new white chocolate-looking cake that I am going to gaze at tomorrow. Till then, byeee!


  1. Oh my god! How delicious does this look!? *jealous*

  2. ooh yum that looks fabulous! is the lychee jelly very sweet?

  3. hi missklicious - Hope you can get one soon to alleviate the jealousy!

    hi chocolatesuze - the jelly is not too sweet at all; the strawberry counteracts it anyway. Perfection.

  4. ooh yuummmm..... I srsly need to go very very soon!

  5. Not the 'Kai in The Sky'? That's what my notes tell me, but maybe it got changed...sounds refreshing and almost tropical ^^
    Man, I wish I could go there every day....

  6. hi ffichiban - yum indeedy. Are you going on Sunday?

    hi chris - the name may have changed, as there's now a name plaque with it on display. And I wish I DIDN'T go there every day (to hell with the waistline!)