Monday, November 24, 2008

I wish I was on the lounge, too...

Here's today's ration of cake from the Adriano Zumbo collection. The nice cake boy at the shop had the description of this down pat, but I was too excited by the words 'licorice', 'mango' and 'raspberry' to remember what it was.
The discs of licorice around the cake are a soft jelly, with an intense aniseed flavour - bliss if you like licorice.

The name of the cake is 'on the lounge with Zumbo' - a reference to AZ's obsession with eating licorice over mango sorbet while sitting on the couch (as described in November's Gourmet Traveller blurb on Zumbo).


  1. Oh Belle Stop! you're killing me! Can't wait till Sunday when I can get my hands on these goodies!

  2. hi reemski - sorry, I can't stop, must eat more cake. You should put a list together of the ones you want, too.