Tuesday, November 18, 2008

T minus 4 days and counting…

It seems like only yesterday that I was filled with excitement at the launch of the winter Adriano Zumbo range. Well, doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun? The new range is due out this Saturday, according to the cake boy at the shop, so get in while you can for the wonderful Storm Cloud and co.

Today, I just got some ‘regular’ stuff. I’ve had the dulce de leche éclair before (omg, salted caramel chips on top!), though the Nutty Professor was a first for me. Paté sable, with hazelnuts and pistachios embedded in oozing vanilla caramel…bliss.

Tabitha cat just wishes yours truly would get over it already…


  1. Oh. Wow. Dulce de leche eclair? I'm so getting one of those!

  2. yayyyy lets gogogoogogg :D

  3. hi lorraine - the eclair is small but amazing. Definitely get one.

    hi ffichiban - see you there!

  4. i love the dulce de leche eclair. LOVE. and i really do think it's grown since i had it right at the start of the season. alas, i think i've left it too late to get another one.

    um. hopefully this is not too weird and stalkerish a question, but i was wondering, did i ever stand right next to you at woolies earlier in the week?

  5. hi bowb - yes, you are right, the eclair has definitely grown. Hopefully they'll keep it on.
    PS: Yes, I was at Woolies, but am notorious for not noticing things around me. I did stand beside the blonde Bride of Christ a few weeks ago though.

  6. alas, it does not look like the DDL eclair has hung around. but did you go by today? rice pudding eclair! so excited!! ;)

  7. bowb - shame about the old eclair! I went there at 12pm today and the new cakes were not out yet - maybe tomorrow.