Friday, November 28, 2008

a Community Service announcement

Thinking of popping into Adriano Zumbo Patissier but worried that you'll freak out when confronted with too much choice? Let me help.

Here are some of the gateaux from the summer range. Choose wisely, grasshopper, the road to weight gain is paved with amazing cakes.

And then there's this one - Craigie bam! Chocolate dacquoise and sabayon with salted caramel debris, choc caramel cremeaux and caramel mousse. Sweet!

And for lunch today, I had the lovely Quiche Charlie (potato and chorizo). I normally have the Quiche Sue (blueberries, goat cheese and spinach), but I'm going for Charlie from now on.
Also picked up some of the new macaron flavours:

I mentioned to the cake dude about the descension of foodbloggers on Sunday, to which he replied, "Uh. Cool".


  1. Mmmmm thanks for the name tags - I've fallen in love with the Craigie Bam - I could barely stand handing over the spoon to Mum so she could share - and she finished it off!!!!!! T___________T
    What time Sunday? Maybe we'll pay a visit too.


    I really appreciate you taking the photos.


  3. hahah cake d00d is funny :) and great run down.. but I am still baffled about what to get haha

  4. oh! that *is* a handy guide. i thought that i'd be getting the eclair next, but now maybe it will be the thing in the glass. or the craigie bam. or...

    sigh. ;P

  5. hi Chris - time to get a Craigie Bam for yourself only. 11am sunday!

    hi June - hope you can visit Zumbo soon.

    hi ffichiban - just close your eyes and point. They're all good!

    hi bowb - the eclair is really popular. There's no photo because it's been sold out. Go the Kail, it's fab.