Thursday, October 30, 2008

...was it worth the wait?

Dratted work commitments meant being unable to be in a last minute visit to the Zumbo Café Chocolat with chocolatesuze and bowb. So I made up for it with a quick ram raid just before the café closed on its first day of trading.

It is a little jewel box of wonderfulness! A glass case of chocolate treasures and a blackboard of yummy drinks (that will have to wait till next time). Of course, I came away with a box of goodies, courtesy of bf. The rotten egg chocolate has a centre of tangy jelly surrounded by rice crispies embedded in chocolate.

I can’t wait to go back to sit in the parlour under the chandelier, or at a spindly table in the courtyard, and sip a tasse of tea. The bf suggested to the nice countergirl that a liquor licence is in order and she agreed that Adriano’s cocktail creations would be pretty good. Isn’t that something to look forward to?


  1. aw! we left the cafe at 5.35pm we mustve just missed you! heh the red wine choc was horribly named wasnt it!

  2. hi chocolatesuze - you two must have been there for ages! I only got the red wine choc because it was metallic and shiny.

  3. we were only there a couple of hours! long enough for seconds.... ;P

  4. This looks interesting, looking forward to checking it out.

    Hmm imagine the Cocktails he is capable of whipping up with that liquor license .....

  5. Can't wait to catch up today Belle!

  6. hi bowb - a couple of hours is long enough!

    hi howard - it's a great place. maybe see you there next time (Will wants to talk to you about gaming)

    hi lorraine - done and dusted! I'm a bit late with these responses...