Monday, October 6, 2008

Of macarons and possessed cats...

To celebrate the birth of the goddess of hard work (ie. 'Labour day' in NSW), I got some Adriano Zumbo macarons.
Some unusual flavours here, with my favourite being the raspberry and lychee, as the filling has bits of real lychee! Amazing.

The chocolate one was a bit heavy, sort of like a brownie, so no brownie points for it. The filling of the banana and caramel was extremely rich, like mashed up banana. Not too keen on it either, unfortunately.

The Milo macaron was a winner, though, not too chocolatey but tasting of Milo. Maybe have one next time with a glass of milk to dunk?

Tried to get Tabitha interested, but again, no luck. That second pic of her looks like something out of Supernatural (which is back on TV, yay!).


  1. ooh new flavours? has the new collection come out too? i love milo! hey how would we get from yumcha to balmain area on sat you reckon? bus?

  2. hi suze - alas, the new collection isn't due till November. They must bring out new macaron flavours anyway, I guess (must try Milo!). And yeah, the 441 or 442 from QVB brings you to lovely Balmain.