Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lunch and a great gift

A bright spot in the midst of a horrible week (workwise) was lunch with Lin Mei at Bond Café in Philip St. It’s a lunch spot popular with ‘suits’ though it’s more casual than, say, a restaurant. The service is quick and slick, as expected by most of the clientele.

Anyway, once Lin Mei had arrived (after getting waylaid or lost or making a wrong turn – come on, LM, you chose the place!) we both ordered the rigatoni with scallops. I thought it was pretty good, though the scallops were a bit salty but with a nice grilled flavour. I forgot to take a photo of the dessert because it was so amazingly good that I tucked in as soon as it arrived (marinated strawberries with vanilla bean mascarpone, if you’re interested).

The reason for the lunch was my birthday and the delivery of some punches and stamps that I’d ordered. LM gave me this gorgeous bag and card that she made – isn’t she amazing? You can see how she did it
here. Thanks, Lin Mei, I love it. And, for some reason, the colours of the chairs in the café reminded LM of her Stampin’ Up! shades…really rust. Really!


  1. oh crap happy belated birthday! i was supposed to comment on the azuma post last week to wish you a happy birthday and i totally forgot argh so sorry! hope you had an awesome day!

  2. hey suze - you're too funny. Thanks for the bday wishes.

  3. ooh and tell wills i went and ate a scoop of icecream from passionflower and then 10mins later ate a steak on broadway... couldnt eat the mash tho aw wastage!

  4. suze - don't encourage him, there's no way he can compete with you!

  5. Hey belle! Thanks for posting those great photos and for your incredible patience while I was trying to overcome the facts that the two halves of Phillip St run parallel to each other and that it has been about a decade since I worked in that part of the city. Arrrrgh! Sydney streets!

  6. hi lin mei - having lunch with you was worth the wait (and I didn't know Philip St was in 2 halves - glad I came from the Elizabeth St side!).