Wednesday, October 15, 2008

let's do lunch at the harbourkitchen

In an attempt to stretch out my birthday for another week, my friend Caroline and I had lunch at harbourkitchen&bar restaurant at the Park Hyatt. They have a 'let's do lunch' special for Good Food Month which also sweetened the deal.

I don't know why it is, but C also got lost on the way to the restaurant (LM, you're not the only one!). So she was a few minutes late, which gave me a chance to take photos of the harbour, which is still pretty when the weather is overcast and drizzly. I also discovered that I preferred one of the regular menu items to the 'let's do lunch' dish.

The 'let's do lunch' dish was wood-roasted snapper with carrot, orange and saffron puree, confit fennel and dried olives (comes with glass of Brown Bros pinot grigio or sangiovese). I went for the stracci pasta with baby goat ragout and pecorino cheese. The pasta was sooo silken and soft and it paired perfectly with the melt-in-the-mouth ragout (very like tender beef). I was so glad I got it. We shared a baby spinach, beetroot and goats cheese salad which was very good.

Click on the photo for a closer look...

The service was spot on. Because it's out of the way (relative to the CBD), I rarely come here, but it's definitely worth a visit. And such pretty views.


  1. I love the view at harbourkitchen and I adore ragout so the combination sounds like the perfect afternoon. Happy Birthday Belle!

    PS Thanks for the Zumbo update, how is the cafe looking? Closer to completion?

  2. hi lorraine - thanks! I peered through the window and the cafe's counters are in and there's some sort of long bench thing under the red chandelier. Can't be much left to do?

  3. Looks lovely...and Happy Birthday! I'm off to Aria tomorrow...can't wait!

  4. hi reemski - Aria, you lucky duck! Aren't you going to Quay as well? It was booked out when my friend tried to book.

  5. Happy belated birthday!!

    The goat ragout looks delish!

  6. hi christie - your vegemite caramel looks super delish as well!