Sunday, October 12, 2008

Foodbloggers meet and eat (East Ocean!)

Q: What do you get when a dozen or so foodbloggers get together for yum cha?
A: Lights, cameras, food and photos, that’s what!

Christie from
fig and cherry managed to get likeminded foodbloggers and hangers on together at East Ocean restaurant for a smorgasbord of yum cha mayhem. Actually, it was very civilised and a great opportunity to meet some of my favourite bloggers. And it’s nice to see others whipping out a camera whenever a new dish appears on the table (it’s not so embarrassing when everyone else at the table is doing it…).

The food was pretty good, too, and the trolleys were well-stocked with all the favourites, including sui mai, har gau, chicken’s feet, shanghai soup dumplings, mango pancakes and egg custard tarts.
Chocolatesuze wished for and got a slice of thousand layer cake and everyone was happy.

Thanks, Christie, for organising it. And it was nice to finally meet and re-acquaint with
Jennifer, Reem, Lisa, Helen, Lorraine, Kathryn, Qingling and Howard.


  1. So great to meet you too Belle, and of course not forgetting William!
    It's great to meet another Zumbo Obsesseive!

  2. Lovely to see you and William again Belle! Hehe I love your collage of shots, especially the pics of everyone with their cameras :) Maybe we'll see you at the Zumbo cafe?

  3. I love the paparazzi shot of three cameras going wild. It's like Brangelina just appeared amongst the prawn dumplings :)

    Lovely to meet you and long may we blog on!

  4. great to see ya again belle! and much love to you and your husband for ordering the layer cake =D if zumbo actually opens next sat want to meet up?

  5. Lovely to meet you and William as well. Wasn't yum cha glorious!

  6. Loved meeting you and William! Was such a fun brunch.

    ps. I'm OK with that shot of my arm - it's still quite anonymous :)

  7. i look forward to reading your future reviews.

    i'm thinking an 'Appetite' of Food Bloggers?

    simon :-)

  8. reemski – it was nice to finally meet you too. See you at the Zumbo café!

    Lorraine – yeah, paparazzi eat your hearts out. Nothing comes between a camera and a chicken’s foot!

    Helen – now, be honest, you prefer yum cha to Brangelina, don’t you?

    Chocolatesuze – don’t worry, I will be keeping a very close eye on the building works in progress. Rest assured I will let everyone know if that darned café is opening this Sat!

    Kathryn – it was a pleasure to meet you too. I do enjoy you blog also.

    Christie – your anonymous arm is safe for now.

    Simon – welcome. ‘Appetite’ of foodbloggers – I like it!

  9. Great meeting you both :) Also it looks like William is an avid gamer, we have to talk more next time!

  10. Hi Belle, it was wonderful to meet you! I hope we bump into each other at Zumbo one day in the future :)

  11. hi Howard - gamers are another world altogether, aren't they? Hope to see again you real soon (via blog or in real life).

    hi Lisa - hopefully we'll meet at the new Zumbo cafe. I live in hope. PS: Love your blog, don't think I've mentioned that before.