Tuesday, November 24, 2009

More Zumbo Summer Range - and an honest opinion


Here are some more of Adriano Zumbo's Summer collection.  They weren't in the store when I got my first fix, but one of the benefits of living local is being able to drop into the patisserie when the mood strikes.  And it strikes, oh, a couple of times a week...

First, we have 'Alessia, I like big buns'.  I saw this on the Zumbo description sheet and was fascinated by the name most of all, then by the ingredients.  Then I actually saw the cake and, wow, it looks fantastic.

So how does it taste?  Unfortunately it didn't do it for me.  The green pistachio creme mousseline tastes like marzipan (not my fave), and the centre of pale yellow Dijon mustard creme Anglaise is unusual but does not go with the rest of the cake.  The strip of brown dukkah in the centre is crunchy and not unpleasant.  To me, the best part of the cake are the fresh raspberries around the edge.  All up, I'd give this one 8/10 for looks, and 4/10 for taste.

Picture below is of a sleeping Tabitha cat being used as a TV tray:

Today, we had 'Nancy's Crumbed Cloud'.  Like the previous Clouds, it is meringue on citrus in a sable shell.  This one has citrus curd, yoghurt and green apple pieces.  The meringue was sort of runny on the one I had, though I did like the 'crumbed cauliflower meringue', which were crunchy bits on the meringue, blowtorched to a dark hue.  There was a hint of gas or butane in it that reminded me of a barbeque, for some reason.
I give this one 7/10 for looks, and 7/10 for taste.

And have you seen Adriano Zumbo's feature in Gourmet Traveller (Dec 2009)? Lots of Christmas sweets that are as exotic as they are picturesque - passionfruit, lychee and coconut buche de Noel, anyone? Yes, please!


  1. I am starting to think that you live at his patisserie...or that you secretly (perhaps not so secretly) stalk him =p However, I appreciate said stalking as it provides constant updates on his products - thanks Belle!

  2. I went in to Zumbo on Saturday and saw all those pretty cakes :) I really wanted to get that mango and green tea one, so regretting it now!

  3. Marzipan isn't my favourite either. I'm not a fan of almond essence. Poor Tabitha being a tray!

  4. Ahh what a shame about the first one! So how many are you intending to try? :D

  5. Zumbo marathon!! I am jealous you live so close by to zumbo... I haven't been there :(

  6. Ahh shame this two didn't do it for you. Interesting concept with the dijon mustard though, i'm ot a huge fan of mustard, so I know what dessert to avoid.

  7. Love the "Alessia, I like big buns" moniker. It looks so pretty but I agree, I'm not a big fan of marzipan either, and dukkah and Dijon are intriguing additions.

    Nancy's crumbed cloud sounds great. Something about citrus and meringue going so well together, and a little bit of blowtorch action never hurt anyone!

  8. You are really fortunate to live so close to Zumbo. I am still amaze with the 'Alessia, I like big buns'. It looks massive.

  9. hi mlle delicieuse - no, I'm not a stalker *said as she hides behind a tree outside the shop*. Glad you like the output, anyway!

    hi Betty - there are heaps of cakes that I'd like, too. Thank goodness they'll be around for a while yet.

    hi Arwen - there's something about marzipan, isn't there? I can only eat smoked almonds, too.

    hi Lorraine - I am going to try ALL the cakes, of course!

    hi Ellie - I hope you can visit Zumbo soon - so many lovely cakes and macs to admire!

    hi Linda - the rest of the dessert was ok, the mustard was a bit jarring, though. I'd give a try regardless.

    hi Helen - I agree, I haven't had a bad 'Cloud' cake yet!

    hi chocolatesuze - Tabitha cat falls asleep anywhere, but the lap is her favourite spot.

    hi penny - I suppose with a name like 'big buns', it would have to be expansive!