Saturday, November 21, 2009

Adriano Zumbo Summer range - he thinks and builds

Welcome to another round of crazy names and out-of-this world pastry confections - the Summer Autumn Adriano Zumbo Patissier range is out now!

Named 'I thought it You brang it I built it You bought it', the range consists of nearly 20 new cakes, and several new macaron flavours (you would have thought they'd be macaroned out after Macaron Day).

I only managed to make it to the shop late this Saturday afternoon, but thankfully there were several cakes still available.  Here are some of the ones I saw:

1.  Ed & Sons First Day at School - the cake (hazelnut biscuit, coffee creme, tonka bean mousse, creme citron) resembles a sandwich, and its contained in a paper lunch box with a fruit of the day and juice of the day.  10/10 for presentation!
2.  Clancy, the rains are coming - remember the McCain corn cobbettes advert, where the kids are eating juicy corn on a tin roof and their father thinks it's raining?  This dessert in a glass has corn and mango salsa with saffron creme brulee, mango jelly and pain d'epice, and citron punch in a squirter.
3.  Pink finger - like a finger bun, this is choux with creme patissier and raisin, coconut and cinnamon.

Take a breath, there's more to come:

4.  Weekend in the Cross - what do these names mean? This one looks and sounds incredible: pistachio pate sucree, rose brulee (oh, yes!), rhubarb compote, fresh watermelon and watermelon powder in a little plastic sachet.  Oh, I get it now...
5.  Tin Tin Mandago - another interesting combo: mango sable shell, genmaicha (green tea) ganache with mango agar and rice crispies
6.  Not too s-h-a-b-b-y - flourless biscuit, muscavado creme brulee, chocolate mousse, choc malt creme legere.  Not too shabby, indeed!
7.  5 6 7 8 - pineapple palm sugar sous vide, lemongrass pandan and vanilla creme leger, coriander creameaux, peanut sable.  The only thing I don't like about this one is the coriander, but the rest sounds nice.

 And the orange cone one (that looks like Finding Nemo) is called 'Is Anybody Working?' - apricot mousse, avocado creme, almond jelly, coconut dacquoise.

And for those who are gluten-intolerant, some of the cakes are gluten-free. 

There are also some great macaron flavours, including Mint and Lemon Verbena, Sweet corn, Saffron and Vanilla, and Mango and Sticky Rice.  There is a chocolate tart, too, with a cherry on top:

There is a thoughtful cheat sheet available at the shop that lists all the cakes.  Not all the cakes were in-store when I went today, and I for one am waiting for the 'Alessia, I like big buns' and 'All in one builders friend'. *snigger, snigger*

I did get this cake, though.  It is 'Your Frund in the Frudge.... Toasted!':

It looks like a sandwich, and tastes burnt.  See those black flecks?  They are burnt bits in the toast mousse.  The 'bread' is caramelised puff pastry, and there is also tomato jelly and melted cheese creameaux.  The tomato jelly was the best bit.

I also got some macarons, but I'll show you them next time.  Oh, and if you have any idea where the names come from, please let me know.
Toodle-loo for now!

Adriano Zumbo Patissier is at 296 Darling St, Balmain, NSW.  Web:


  1. I like the playful names. The lunchbox cakes are particularly cute!

  2. Great names and interesting cakes - being an ex-kiwi I particularly like "Your Frund in the Frudge". What a hoot!

  3. Thanks for consistently updating Zumbo's menu photographically. Shame I live so far from Balmain, I'd love to try the "Your Frund in the Frudge."

  4. 'Is Anybody Working?' looks like a witch's cone, a reference to government works workers, and 'Your Frund in the Frudge' was the tagline of a Mainland cheese ad from...hmmm, can't remember!

  5. So clever, I love the names! I can picture that corn ad now, with the kids chomping their corn out the window. Fooling your drought-stricken farming parents into thinking it's raining is much worse than accidentally squirting corn juice into the eye of the person sitting next to you.

    I really want to try the Pink Finger.

  6. I got there around 4 and was able to get the last Alesia - it was pretty good. Was really intrigued by the toast dessert but thought that the alesia would taste better! Did you enjoy the toast dessert? Maybe I'll try it today!

  7. his creations always seem to amaze me! I can't wait to come to Sydney and go there myself.

  8. Phwoooarrr.. they look so incredible. What a fantastic imagination (and sense of humour). It's always great to see talented ppl not being afraid to be themselves :)

  9. This guy is a genuis and thanks for sharing all the new creations. I will have to do a stake out the next time I am up in Syd.

  10. It seems I'm the only person in the WHOLE WORLD who hasn't had the Zumbo experience. Will HAVE to get myself down there soon based on these piccies.

  11. Hahaha gotta love Zumbo and his quirkiness! And you're right - the orange one does look like Finding Nemo!

  12. Good choice with the sandwich...sounds vellly interesting! tomato jelly?!! Break me off a piece of dat.

  13. Ahhhh sweetcorn macarons! So much love....need to try these as soon as I get over my macaron day induced aversion to macarons!

  14. Wow. I wish Australia wasn't half a world away :(

  15. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG BELLE!!!!!!!!! These cakes look magnificent! i loveee it when you do these zumbo posts i know i can always go to you for anything to do with his cakes and eyecandy.

    LOL i love the name "Your Frund in the Frudge" LOLLL makes me laugh as i used to mock the bloke in the mainland cheese commercial haha..

  16. YAY Belle! I knew you'd have a report on these :)

  17. oh wow, some more incredible creations by the Zumbo! Maybe one day I'll be lucky enough to try one! wishful thinking

  18. hi Arwen - the lunchboxes are adorable; love the fresh apricot.

    hi Agnes - do you have a Kiwi accent? Please say 'fish and chips across the ditch' for us!

    hi mlle delicieuse - thanks so much! I remember that Mainland ad now, with the 2 cheesemakers. And yes, the traffic cone - how could I not notice that?

    hi Linda - I don't know what I'd do if Zumbo wasn't so close. My blog would not be as colourful, that's for sure.

    hi Conor - ha, yes, the poor dad in the ad! I haven't had a finger bun in ages. I will have to try the Pink Finger for you.

    hi Iron Chef Shellie - you should organise a tour for Melbourne foodies to visit Zumbo. I'm sure it will be a sellout!

    hi Trissa - I was there around 4 as well! The shop was pretty crowded, too. I thought the toasty was a bit burnt, but looked exactly like a toasted sandwich.

    hi Ladybird - I think that's part of Zumbo's appeal - he is so out there with his creations that you can't help but admire him.

    hi penny - I'd love to show you around, or at least give you recommendations, ie. try everything!

    hi happy blogger - you would not believe how many people have said that! There's always people in the shop admiring the cakes, so you must get there soon and join the fan club!

    hi stephcookie - hahaha, I'm a bit over macarons, too. I bought a couple of the new ones and still haven't eaten them.

    hi anna - but you are such a brilliant cook/baker, you could probably make these yourself!

    hi Trisha - the orange colour is amazing, isn't it? I gravitate towards the colourful ones all the time.

    hi Adrian - yum to the tomato jelly! There, I just had a bit for you!

    hi Leona - you're welcome, I try and do my bit for the community, heehee!

    hi Lorraine - of course I have to report - my life is empty without cake!

    hi Maria - you're welcome to experience the Zumbo cakes through me until you can try them yourself!