Sunday, November 15, 2009

Huevos a la Flamenca - can't get enough of new dishes

I've found that when you get something new, it's best to use it as much as possible, as soon as possible.  Otherwise, you might forget that you've got it and a) never use it again, or b) go out and buy exactly the same item a couple of weeks later.  Case in point: my stamping and crafting supplies - just how many Colorbox Queues in Primary Elements do I need? Answer: Is three too many?

I haven't yet done this with many cooking utensils (though there was a close call with a sugar thermometer once), but I did want to use my Microstoven dishes again, erky name aside.  I remembered seeing some Huevos a la Flamenca (baked eggs) at Almost Bourdain and thought they'd suit the dishes.  To make the meal more substantial, I added some potato and capsicum, and also some spinach to give it just a *hint* of healthfulness - hey, every little bit counts.

Huevos a la Flamenca (with potato)
serves 2

1 tblsp olive oil
1 chorizo sausage, chopped
1 medium potato, peeled and diced
1 medium red onion, chopped
2 tsp crushed garlic
pinch of dried chilli flakes
200g diced tomatoes (about 1/2 a can)
1 roasted capsicum, seeds removed and chopped
50g baby spinach
2 eggs

1.  Heat oil in a large frying pan over medium heat.  Add potato and onion to the pan with a few tablespoons of water.  Cook for 5-6 minutes, stirring occasionally until the potato starts to brown and crisp.
2.  Add chorizo and cook for 3-4 minutes, until chorizo is browned.
3.  Add garlic and chilli.  Cook for 30 seconds.
4.  Stir in tomato and 1/3 cup of water.  Simmer for 5 minutes. Stir in the spinach and mix in until it wilts.
5.  Transfer the mixture to 2 ramekins or small casserole dishes.  Make an indentation in the mixture and gently crack an egg into each indentation.
6.  Bake for 15-20 minutes in a 200 deg C (400 deg F) preheated oven until the egg whites are set.
7.  Serve with crusty bread and lemon wedges

What you'll need - pretty much anything you like!

Cook the potato and onion, then add chorizo;
stir in chopped tomatoes and water

Add some spinach leaves (for the green colour, really);
transfer to a small dish and crack in an egg

Bake and enjoy with bread, and lemon for squeezing over


  1. Mmmm...eggs in tomato sauce. You've got me thinking about brunch now! Can't wait to see what's in store for the larger baking dish =)

  2. That's a beautiful dish! I agree that the addition of spinach makes it "healthy" :)

  3. Damn, those microstoven thingies are starting to look more and more useful - I think I'll have to go and see what the range is like. I bet the dish would taste just as yummy if it was nuked instead of baked? I know, I know, the microwave industry doesn't like the term "nuking" but it's such fun to use!

  4. Another perfect use of these dishes! This looks really appetising.

    Hmmm could you perhaps palm off a couple of your Colorbox Queues in Primary Elements as Chrissy presents? ;)

  5. That looks really good too! I may need to make a trip to have a look. ;)

  6. This is such a wonderful dish. I like how you added the potatoes and vegs.It makes the ultimate 1-dish meal! Thanks for the linking :)

  7. haha- I get what you mean. When its been bought, find a way to use the item asap. My skilet was sitting in my cupboard for months before I remebered I'd bought it. LOL

    This dish looks ripe for the buds (tastebuds). Love how the egg turned out sitting perfectly in place.

  8. great idea, I should do that too, I have quite a few double ups that wouldnt have happened if I remembered I had them in the first place. My mum used to make this dish when we were kids, its so homely to me and very satisfying

  9. That looks fantastic! Anything with chorizo though and you've got me :D

  10. Microstoven? HAHAHAHA! But hey, it works actually... and the dish looks reeeally good! mmmmm

  11. Yup I remember seeing Ellie's post before and drooling - same thing happened again tonight - I need some really great bread and dipping it into your huevos a la flamenca. Yum

  12. I really love those dishes! so vibrant and fun!

  13. Wow, that sounds delicious! I like the spinach for a touch of class, colour and health :)

  14. Certainly bookmarking this for later use. Thanks for the recipe!

  15. hi mlle delicieuse - hehe, the larger baking dish has played host to mac and cheese as well as cauliflower cheese. I love noon-stick!

    hi gaga - oh yes, anything with spinach in it must be good!

    hi YaYa - I think nuking it would be okay, except the egg might go a bit funny? Why don't you nuke away, and let me know how it goes.

    hi Conor - the dishes are so versatile. Unlike my chalk ink queues - you'd have to be into stamping to use them, unfortunately :(

    hi Penny - I've noticed the dishes everywhere lately. They also come in all black (nice!)

    hi Ellie - your version looked great, so I just had to make it!

    hi Adrian - I have so many unused appliances it's not funny. Come to think of it, I have a cast iron skillet, too. Hmmm, never used...

    hi Maria - I think that we should get rid of one thing when we buy something new. Wish I could practice what I preach!

    hi Lorraine - I'm the same, love chorizo!

    hi Trisha - the dishes do work, though you have to be careful not to drop them, since they are stoneware!

    hi Trissa - crusty bread is a must-have with this dish, cos there's lots of lovely juices to mop up.

    hi Anita - I was thinking of getting the black dishes, but got the red because they looked fun!

    hi Arwen - lol! Spinach is one classy veg!

    hi 3 hungry tummies - you're most welcome!

  16. Ooh this looks like an easy, tasty and impressive looing one pot meal. The flavours sound right up my alley.