Friday, November 6, 2009

Adriano Zumbo Patissier's 60 Flavours of Macaron

It's the day we've all been waiting for, the birthday of Adriano Zumbo, Patissier!  And in celebration, Zumbo himself has created 60 flavours of Macaron, available for this day only.

The hype was built up through the shop, twitter and word of mouth, and so an orderly queue was to be expected at the Patisserie.  Some macaron diehards were the first in line at 7.30am!  Most people had already visited the Zumbo website and worked out which macarons they wanted, but some (like me) were happy to take their chances with the colourful surprises.

Charlie from Zumbo was kept busy with constand deliveries of macarons from the Zumbo kitchens, with box after box being unloaded into the shop.

Yes, that's Adriano Zumbo getting a good deal on a couple of boxes. Heck, they even had his name on them.

The shop window was decorated somewhat with what I assume are macaron rejects, though they look alright to me.

Inside the shop, the senses are overwhelmed by the choice of macarons on the counter and on the shelves.  The whole store was macaron heaven. The macarons were $2 each, except for the black truffle one.

...Macaron heaven, or macaron on a stick...the blue macaron is chup-a-chup flavour, and chocolatesuze is a happy consumer.  And the black truffle macaron ($10 each) would have attracted any truffle-sniffing pigs in the vicinity.

The Zumbo counterstaff were kept busy with filling bags and boxes with macarons.  I have to say that, when I was there, it was done efficiently and with good humour.  It helps when there are so many amazing flavours to choose from and admire.

I actually lost track of which macaron was which, but if you want, do me a favour and try and match the flavours with the pictures below.  Thanks to Charles from the shop for helping with the selection...

Among these macarons are: mastic/yoghurt/cucumber/mint, Vegemite sourdough, burnt toast and butter, Golden Gaytime, Turkish delight, Tanzanian salted chocolate, chocolate and salted caramel, lamington, chup-a-chup, and toasted marshmallow.

I would have gotten more, but I have my lovely figure (ha!) to consider.  So, Happy Birthday, Zumbo, you're a star. 


  1. wow, macaron heaven indeed! What an awesome way to celebrate a birthday, by giving to others! I just love some of those flavors....vegemite! maybe he should have made iMacaron2.0!

  2. oh man today was SUCH a happy day hehe i super loved the buttered toast macaron oh and the cheeseburger!!! of course couldnt resist buying 6 popcorn macarons definitely not sharing those :D

  3. I was hoping someone would do a post on this fairly soon, but you're one seriously efficient blogger! I wouldn't mind wallowing in the front window of colourful rejects either - mmmm...macaron heaven!

  4. They look great! I was tempted to go but had to work :(

  5. Oh I wish I could've made it to the shop today... it looks like a total macaron-fest! Which one was your favourite out of the ones you tried?

  6. Awesome coverage Belle and well done for being the first to put it up! :D Sadly I was busy writing to attend but I felt like I was there from the pics!

  7. Awesome! I've been a little busy to catch up so wasn't aware this was on today. I would have loved to have tasted the truffle one!

  8. Oh wow! I wish I could have been there - it sounds fantastic! Although it's probably a good thing I'm in Melbourne, since I would have wanted one of each flavour. :D

  9. Thank you so much for posting this so quickly, I wasn't able to make it today but would definitely have shelled out $10 to try the truffle macaron!

  10. Wow! I would never have been able to choose which ones to buy, and would have spent a small fortune. Love the dodgy macaron dealing shots :D

    Also, man do I feel like eating a Golden Gaytime and a lamington right now!

  11. Hi Belle, I have given you an award. Stop by my blog to pick it up!

  12. Ok Belle, so on last count how many Zumbo creations have you consumed? BE HONEST! :)

  13. oh darn I missed out big time. All the macs looks so good. I would have loved the chup a chup one too

  14. oh my! Why do I have to work on Saturdays!?!? I always miss the best sweet pastry related events!

  15. Hee hee great work posting it up so quickly!! Mmm looking at these photos brings back the flavours hee hee

  16. Were the black truffle ones really 10 dollars? I thought Charlie was joking! I went at 8 am and saw the line and left - too long! I went back in the afternoon around 6 and got a few but was a bit disappointed - they seemed a bit more "commercial" ie the shells were actually very hard compared to the macarons I tried in the past from Zumbo. Maybe it was because it was so late in the day... But Charlie did sell me the black truffle one for only 2 bucks so that was good!

  17. I wish I could have made it... they all look so good!

  18. wow - a lot of ppl posted realy fast on this event haha love it!

  19. Hi Maria – lol at iMacaron 2.0!! Though that name has a hint of ‘Fail’ about it now, doesn’t it?

    Hi chocolatesuze – gasp, did you really get another 6 popcorn macs? You really are a popcorn addict!

    Hi mlle delicieuse – hehe, imagine displaying yourself in the window with those macarons! On the other hand, maybe not...

    Hi Food.4.two – shame how work always gets in the way...I’m sure there’ll be lots of other opportunities.

    Hi Jacq – thanks for asking! My fave was the burnt toast and butter. It tasted incredibly real.

    Hi Lorraine – I’m sure your writing comes first, though with macarons about, you can never tell!

    Hi Gummi Baby – there were quite a few passers-by who stopped to ask what the queue was for. ‘Macarons!’ we shouted.

    Hi Agnes – I’ve been looking out for a Melbourne macaron place, but none have stood out. Cupcake shops, on the other hand, Melbourne is the leader!

    Hi YaYa – the truffle mac looked exciting, though I thought getting 5x$2 ones was better value. Regretting it a bit now...

    Hi Conor – the flavour combos were unreal. I liked the idea of the Golden Gaytime, but it just tasted sweet to me, unfortunately.

    Hi Ellie – thanks for the award, I’m honoured.

    Hi Trisha – okay, okay, I’ve had way too many to count. I’m glad you’ve had your first Zumbo, though. You need to up your consumption, too!

    Hi A cupcake or two – it was a great idea putting the mac on a stick. The blue colour got everyone excited, too!

    Hi Megan – you should pop by the store regardless. They always have macarons!

    Hi FFichiban – some of the flavours stay with you, don’t they? Who could forget the blue cheese and pear? Phew!

    Hi Trissa – well done you, for getting the truffle for $2!! The other macs were a bit crispy, but I gather they started baking a couple of days before, so they weren’t exactly oven-fresh. After seeing your macaron efforts, I much prefer yours!

    Hi Anita – they were definitely good – not so much the flavours (all very sweet), but the idea of them.

    Hi Betty – I wanted to post quickly because I thought other people might be interested. And I agree, the chup-a-chup looks adorable!