Friday, November 13, 2009

I ate my way through Jenius's book launch

It’s always inspiring (and still quite unusual) for someone to change careers and embark on a path of re-invention and discovery. So it has been for blogger Jennifer Lam of She left her job to pursue her varied interests photography, publishing, digital marketing, and, of course, food, and the result is her first publishing effort, ‘I Ate My Way Through Singapore and Vietnam’.

Jen was kind enough to extend an invitation to her fellow bloggers to the book’s launch at Global Gallery in Paddington, NSW. Combined with a photographic exhibition of images from the book, the launch was a happy, crowded affair.

Photographic exhibition on the walls of the Gallery.

Jennifer Lam of ‘I Ate My Way Through Singapore and Vietnam’

She is popular!

Book signing and book sales were a feature of the launch night

In her speech, Jen talked about the influence of food in her life, and the influence of her family who were in attendance. Ten percent of proceeds from the book sales will be donated to KOTO International, a not-for-profit restaurant training program that assists street and disadvantaged youth in Vietnam.

Jen speaks, with little bro Bryan looking on; Lorette from KOTO talks about the work they’ve done; hospitality students, who gave really professional service throughout the night. And they didn’t mind stopping for photos to be taken of the food, etc. – always a sign of good waiting!

Suitably, the food was wonderful. Provided by Saigon Saigon Vietnamese Restaurant in Glebe, the canapés included goi cuon (summer rolls), deep-fried spring rolls (really hot and fresh) and crispy prawn wontons. Perfect finger food. I’m looking forward to dining there because I also won a lucky door prize of a voucher for Saigon Saigon (thanks, all!).

As with most events, positioning is key – you need to stand close to where the food is coming out from, otherwise you could miss out. We were in a good spot.

Wines were supplied by Aja, and consisted of a Moscato-style Blush and a blended White (meant to be drunk with Asian food). They are light and refreshing, and even though I’m normally a non-drinker, I actually enjoyed both wines.

It was great to see Jen’s entrepreneurial spirit in action. The book launch was so enjoyable and well-organised, and the book itself is a riot of colourful images and useful information that evoke the essence of travel to Singapore and Vietnam. The photographic exhibit is on until 15th November.

Global Gallery is at 5 Comber St, Paddington. Ph: 02 9360 5728


  1. Speedy! Hehe. Great wrap up of the evening! It was great to see you again :) And congrats on winning the door prize!

  2. Looks like a great night! Haha you are SO right about positioning at finger food functions... you gotta be ready to pounce!

  3. Hi Bel, thank you for such a beautiful (and speedy) post! And I really appreciate your support! The Director of KOTO's name was Lorette :)

    I didn't eat any canapes but did end up dining at Saigon Saigon with the volunteers, the owners and my family after the event and can say that you have lots more deliciousness to look forward to!!

    Congrats on winning one of the door prizes too! And i'm glad you enjoyed Aja wines! xx

  4. So fast! Was looking forward to read the post since I wasn't able to attend. Great pictures and coverage. Food bloggers always have th right radar to pick the right place close to where the food is coming from. lol!

  5. Sorry I missed seeing you there! Looking forward to hearing more about Saigon Saigon.

  6. Aww what I shame I had to miss it. It looked like lots of fun and how cute is her little brother in that pic? hehe

  7. I saw this in the MX News! The finger food looks so yummy!

  8. Great pix Belle! You are so lucky I had one large handbag, one glass of moscato blush, and one camera in hand when you won that door prize...I was well-tempted to TACKLE YOU for it!! ha ha. Enjoy it!

  9. Oooo... So you were the one that won the door prize. My friend won the wines.. What a lovely night it was..

  10. hi Betty – great to see you too! Hope we get a chance to catch up next time.

    Hi Conor – there’s nothing worse than the food trays being empty when they reach you, is there????

    Hi Jen – it was a lovely launch, and your speech was great. Thanks for drawing my name for the door prize, and best of luck with the book – it’s wonderful!

    Hi Ellie – it was a great night, and seeing the other foodbloggers was lots of fun!

    Hi Arwen – I didn’t realise you were there, too! Maybe next time we can actually meet!

    Hi Lorraine – Jen’s brother was adorable, and so polite and good on the night!

    Hi Megan – there was a flurry of tweets when we saw the MX article! So funny!

    Hi happy blogger – hehe, if you were going to tackle me, then I’m glad you were otherwise occupied. I can’t wait to ‘eat’ my door prize!

    Hi Phuoc – the wines were really nice. Though I think I can use the meal voucher more. Glad you enjoyed the night, too!

  11. Yeah me and my friend are deciding to go to Saigon Saigon to eat and bring the wines with us. Win! :D