Sunday, September 28, 2008

A weekend of cake (so what's new?)

The new Zumbo chocolate café is due to open 11 October, according to the signs in the cake shop window. Can’t hardly wait!

In the meantime, here’s a ‘Boom!’. Not quite ‘da bomb’, but an explosive mix of meringue and white chocolate crust, passionfruit mousse, and rhubarb and strawberry jelly. I love these fruit-infused creations.

The weather this weekend was a perfect taste of summer (even though it’s spring). So perfect that we caught the ferry to Circular Quay and played at being tourists (‘ooh look, there’s the Bridge, take a photo of me in front of it! Ooh look, there’s the opera house, take a photo of me in front of it! Ooh look, there’s a seagull. Eeewww!’).
Also paid a visit to La Renaissance patisserie in Argyle St in the Rocks. The cakes looked a bit traditional compared to Zumbo’s, but the macaron flavours included rose, vanilla, jasmine and chocolate. Here are the rose and jasmine.

The rose was pleasantly rose-scented, but the buttercream filling was strangely stiff. The Jasmine did not really have any flavour except of eggwhites and sugar, and the macaron itself was a bit hard. Pretty, but no cigar… However, I highly recommend Nougat Limar (stall at the Rocks Market), a soft, creamy nougat chock full of cherry, cranberry and pistachio.


  1. heh i saw the macarons at La Renaissance but wasnt too sure about how they would measure up to zumbos lol hey dude we're organising a foodbloggers meetup can u send me ur email address cos i cant find it anywhere on ur blog

  2. Ah, I was wondering what their macarons tasted like, having seen them many times in the window, but never getting round to buying one.

  3. hi chocolatesuze - Zumbo is the benchmark for me when it comes to cake! And macarons, too.

    hi y - the Renaissance macarons look good, but tastewise, I don't think they're too crash hot.