Saturday, September 27, 2008

...a Present for Tabitha...

It's been over six months since Tab was signed over to us, and during that time, she was still wearing her old name tag. Finally got round to getting a new one, and isn't it lovely? Very pretty engraving on a shiny gold tag.
And if you ever need engraving done in Sydney, then I can highly recommend the engraver at Brices Shoe Service in the Imperial Arcade.

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  1. What a service these guys provide!
    I went to see them with the hope of modifying my boots. They are not very old and they are quite nice looking, but they were very heavy and stiff having about four layers of leather soles.

    I asked them if it was possible to replace the soles with vibram soles and they showed me a Vibram 1133 Montagna block similar to the one used in the original timberland shoes and I said that it was exactly what I had in mind.

    Well after a few days I could not believe my eyes and my feet. These boots went from being nice looking, heavy and stiff to nice looking, lighter and flexible. Because they replaced the midsoles for rubber they are much more comfortable too because they absorb better the shocks produced by stepping.

    I will publish some photos of the results in my blog. I should have taken some before shots.

    I highly recommend Brice's Shoes and will definitely use their services again.