Friday, September 5, 2008

It's Camo Cat!

Each day when I come home from work, a little scenario is played out between Tabitha and me. I go upstairs to change and Tab follows stealthily, slowly slinking up each step until she is outside the door. Then, when I least expect it, she shoots past like a bullet, holing up under the bed, rubbing her little paws together in silent glee at her sneakiness.

However, I, too, am small and sneaky, and two can play at that game...If there's a cat around, then so is my camera. If there's one thing Tabitha can't stand, it's a camera shoved in her face. Take that, Tabs!


  1. Do you like the Icanhascheezburger site? Tabitha looks like she would be a total star on that!

  2. lorraine - that site is so cool. I might give it a go, since Tabs is very photogenic and I have millions of pics of her!