Monday, September 15, 2008

Christmas cards through the ages

I've made a start on this year's Christmas cards! I'm at least 2 months ahead of schedule, so that gives me time to reminisce a little...

Here are some of my cards from Christmas past. At least, going back to when I started taking photos of them. Photos are good, because I usually make too few cards and forget someone and have to use my leftovers to give them a card and don't have any left after Christmas. Phew!

The polar bear card is a favorite because it is a shaker card filled with holographic glitter. The polar bear stamp was a gift from a dear late friend who brought it back from Spitzbergen in Norway.

This year, I may do an acetate card, maybe something like this. But hopefully better than this first attempt. Ask me in December.


  1. Love love love the acetate and the way you have used it, belle! I also think that the cards with the Christmas ornaments are soo cute - in fact, they all are.

  2. Thanks, Lin Mei. I am going to use my new Season of Joy stamps to try some other card designs as well.