Saturday, March 22, 2008

…who’s the lucky boy?

Written on the box that contained this cake were the words ‘Marry me Ed’. Followed by ‘cofe (sic), walnuts, apple, raisins’.

The bf might have crappy handwriting but I’m sure he knows my name, and it’s not Ed. But that’s the name of the cake, and it is made of those ingredients, just like an inverted strudel.

Except for the ‘cofe’ (coffee), which gives a really nice taste to the cake.

And apparently it is named for Ed from the Marionette café. Lucky Ed.


  1. Damn that would have been a good one for when I proposed to Mr Stickyfingers....except that his name's not Ed....and he doesn't drink coffee...LOL! I would have inhaled it though, yummo!

  2. Ms stickyfingers - what if things changed, and instead of an engagement ring, we got a little cake for the rest of our lives - I'd get married in a flash!