Friday, March 7, 2008

...a Sweet surprise

‘I saw a new one and couldn’t resist’. My loved one has been saying this quite often, and of course he is referring to new Zumbo cakes! I rush to the refrigerator and give a little squeal when I see the glossy pink and black box.

Opening the box is always fun, because the contents are always so amazing.
How about this one? It’s a crepe cake! A fat French crepe is filled with maple sugar mascarpone, fresh strawberries and orange segments. Sitting on top is a lacy toffee disk that looks like the hat Eliza Doolittle wore to the races in My Fair Lady.

The filling is creamy, rich and yet refreshing because of the fruit. And the toffee (which is reminiscent of school fete toffee) is not that sweet at all, just brittle and so brilliant atop this creation. Maybe someone should actually make a hat out of toffee so that you could nibble on it if you got peckish at the Autumn Carnival? Sorry, just a train of thought going there...

Edit: This cake is called 'Miss Marple' (strange to name a French crepe after an English stickybeak!)


  1. That looks fabulous! It reminds me of a crepe cake that I made aaaages ago. I hope I can find the recipe again as it was really good (if a bit trying making all of the crepes :lol: ). Can't wait to see the other pics!

  2. lorraine - you aren't talking about that malaysian crepe cake? So complex but so spectacular. You must have the patience of a saint! I'll stick to bought cakes, haha.

  3. Hehe unfortunately not that one, I don't have that level of patience! Mine was a regular crepe cake, I wish I could find the recipe for it again as it looked fabulous when you cut through it and saw the layers!