Monday, March 10, 2008

…And there’s more (yet again)

Just when you thought there were no more…

Apparently this and others were made by a clever lady at Zumbo. My lovey told me this when he brought home this cake with the Sunday paper and a chorizo bread for breakfast. I went back to the shop later to photograph the labels. And there were 5 other new ones (‘charlotte o’hara’ had fig, basil and pistachio jelly!!!!). This is getting too heavy. I need a Bex and a good lie down.

Gem has a base of ginger cake (‘indonesian tree cake’?), with ‘mint chocolate chip mousse, coconut marshmallow and strawberry compote jelly’. That doesn’t do it justice because it is a lot more complex than that, with the soft mousse encased in a coconut-dipped shell.
Even though the sheet of shiny white chocolate perched on top is a bit like a Kraft Single (cheese!).

Manky cat found it a little more interesting…


  1. Adriano Zumbo is a real artist/designer-bringing out seasonal collections! I can't believe how many variations he thinks up!

  2. lorraine - Tell me about it. I'm tempted to chuck a sickie so I can go in during the week to see what's there. I'm always wondering what I'm missing.

  3. He needs to do his own version of a Runway show! I'm serious too even though that sounds silly now that I'm saying it ... lol

  4. lorraine - what a great idea! We could sit in the front row in sunglasses and applaud as they come down the catwalk (or should that be cake-walk).

  5. you know what? a few months ago zumbo said that once his facebook fanclub reached 50 people, he'd put on a fashion show. so... ;)

    (we're now on 34.)

  6. bowb - not sure that's a good enough reason to join facebook... But let us know when the show is on and NQN and I will be there with bells on (you can lead the cheer squad).

  7. I would TOTALLY be there with the appropriate sunglasses and outfit! ;) That would be truly fabulous darling!