Saturday, March 1, 2008

...New cake #3

Here is the 3rd new offering from Adriano Zumbo. I was peering at the crates of just-arrived cakes in the shop this morning, like some auntie looking at chickens at a street stall. But this one (and there was only one) was already in the glass case (‘sleeping beauty’ connotation somewhere).

The scent of cherries is pervasive, as is the sweet clear residue that is oozing from the bottom of the cake. When I finally got round to eating it (after Thai takeaway, what a lazy Saturday it’s been), wow! That cherry perfume is even stronger, and quite alcoholic, kirsch, maybe? The meringue is super sweet, and the cherries inside are wrapped around custard and almond.

This one’s a winner.
PS: No name as yet. Though 'cherry bomb' sounds good, I think.

Manky cat was not so impressed:


  1. argh! envious!

    (by which i don't mean the chocolate-passionfruit tart)

    i went in yesterday, but mr meringue was not there. you must have gotten the last one for a while. meanwhile, do you suppose the alcoholic cherries might be bad for someone allergic to alcohol?

  2. bowb - it smells strong, but the alcohol is not as bad as, say, a rum baba. I'm a bit sensitive to alcohol and it didn't make me wheezy or anything because it's so sweet. And it's only in the base bit, not the meringue.