Tuesday, March 25, 2008

…I’m getting inspired again

I used to be able to whip up a handmade card or something imaginative in no time at all. These days, it takes a couple of hours to even come up with an idea. Yes, I’ve lost my creative groove.

Luckily, my friend
Lin Mei has become a Stampin’ Up demonstrator and has introduced me to a whole range of goodies via some colourful catalogues (online shopping is great, but poring over catalogues with a cup of tea can’t be beaten).

As a result, I managed to put together a couple of scrapbook pages with some old photos that have been lying around. Can’t wait to order some new supplies so I can take advantage of this creative streak! LM, get out your order book!


  1. belle, I LOVE your scrapbook pages. Top left is so East meets West - delicate cherry blossom-like florals with baroque motifs as a perfect metaphor for the lovely couple in the photos. The splash of red adds a lively counterpoint to the rich and formal browns.

    Terrific choice of paper for the layout in the top right (is it Urban Lily ?). What fabulous graffiti shots - sassy, cheeky and colourful - flanking two portraits that exude refinement.

    As for the one on the bottom left, I love how the flowers just pop and look like they exploded from your top.

    You really should consider freelancing as a photographer - the beauty shots are so vibrant and the photos of Melbourne are amazing! btw BF is looks rather suave...

  2. LM - Thanks! I just love the graffiti (in Hosier Lane, I think). Have you noticed how the new MAC palettes have very similar graphics on them?

  3. It is very FAFI! I do think the characters in the graffiti shots that you took are more attractive though ...

  4. LM - you are right, the MAC designs are by Fafi, and she did the grafitti in Melbourne as well!