Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A tussle between Good and Evil

"Banana balsalmic!!", they shouted, as I peered at the cake. Okey-doke, sold! Kai-dude and Charles did a good job in persuading me to get this cake, "Ed, it's twins but...". In keeping with the Ed barista theme, it is coffee-flavoured.

The banana balsalmic is in the mousse part of the 'good twin'. When it first hits the tongue, you go 'Ooh, banana...', then the coffee jelly kicks in and you get confused as to what you tasted. It's fabulous!

The dark, evil twin did not make me see angels like the good twin did.

Also got the much-lauded rice pudding eclair. It felt very hefty so I plonked it on the scales and it came in at a healthy 110 grams. Unfortunately, I had to share it. Still, 55 grams of sweet gooey eclair is not bad at all.


  1. oooh, more delicious Zumbo goodies!

  2. Hehe at weighing the eclair, it's so long isn't it! And thanks for the dissection of the Ed It's Twins, that looks frightfully good.

  3. XD I really really must go again now haha

    Aww usually the evil twin is the more delectable one hee hee

  4. hi reemski - time to get thee to Zumbo!

    hi Lorraine - the eclair was delicious (you've had one, haven't you). The good Twin was better (imo) because of the banana balsalmic.

    hi FFichiban - haha, yes the evil twin is usually the one you'd go for!