Monday, December 29, 2008

So who’s been Nice this year?

Being good all year has its advantages, namely, Santa gets wind of your goodness and grants you three wishes – oh wait, that’s the Genie – you only get one wish from Santa…

My wish (apart from health for my family, and peace for all), was for a Weber Baby Q, and Santy Claus delivered! Here is the new baby, with Electronic Ignition, no less!

Naturally, we had to give it a test run. First up, some lamb and mint, beef, and tomato and onion sausages. They came up beautifully. The bbq flavour permeates the snags even though it is a gas model.

Next was the traditional steak, cut as thick as possible. It was perfectly cooked and moist, and will you look at those wonderful grill marks!

The baby eggplant was okay – I should have salted them to remove some of the bitterness. They were actually accompanied by marinated pork chops, which were delicious. Unfortunately, my camera has carked, hence no photos of the chops.

Now, hopefully, I will find that Genie in a magic lamp sometime soon – I really need a new camera. Any suggestions on which one?

And here is something for the ladies – I got these lovelies at the post-Christmas sales. Gold strappy heels, ON SALE – the best kind of shoes, evah!


  1. A belated Merry Christmas Belle! The food looks good but the shoes are just fabulous!

    Have a good new year :)

  2. Hehe I like the game show model pose! Will you do a Coke or Beer Butt Chicken on it too?

    Love the shoes by the way!

  3. Oooh, I got one too! A Baby Q that is! And goodness don't I loves it!

  4. hi Karen - Glad to see we have the same priorities re. shoes and food. Happy new year!

    hi Lorraine - your Coke Butt Chicken looks incredible, but I think I'd be a bit embarassed to make it (not as embarassed as the poor chook though).

    hi Reem - Baby Q is the best, and it's too cute, isn't it. Hope you are getting good use out of it.

  5. Gold shoes! Ooh and ahh indeed!