Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Cheese Plate with a Difference

How’s this for a flavour explosion – blue cheese, green apple and feullitine. Now imagine them not just together, but in macarons from Adriano Zumbo!

The green apple macaron filling is like apple sauce, with flecks of green apple skin in it.
The feullitine is crunchy with bits of nutty caramelly flavour.
And the blue cheese – you take a bite and think ‘that reminds me of something, what is it…?’. Then you get the unmistakeable hint of blue vein and go ‘Wowza!’. This was my favourite.

And the card in the background is the one I made for LM’s birthday. Because the colours match the macarons.


  1. I love how he puts bits of peel in the Dr Apple and now the Green Apple macaron (although the effect was lost on my parents that thought it was a mistake-as if!). That card is absolutely gorgeous too :)

  2. hi Lorraine - the bits of peel make it seem more 'real', don't you think? They stick in the teeth, though!