Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Rare outing of foodbloggers at Zumbo

Another weekend, another foodbloggers’ meetup at Adriano Zumbo Café Chocolat. Reemski did good to get such a great turnout (the location and purpose – to try the Zumbo Summer range – certainly helped, didn’t it?).

I’ve been there, done that, with the cakes, so I’ll focus on the fascinating behaviour of the genus Foodbloggerii Famishicus. Cue David Attenborough-like whisper...

The Foodblogger’s usual habitat is restaurants, cafés, and any new food shop. They hunt singly, in pairs or in packs.

We are fortunate today to witness a herd of foodbloggers as they descend on a cake shop. Watch as they choose their colourful gateaux from the glass display case, causing long queues to form behind them as they painstakingly make their decision.

In a break from their usual modus operandi, they take their kills to a nearby watering hole (café), where they proudly display their prizes. Other foodbloggers that have gathered there gasp and whip out their cameras, the snap! whirr! snap! of lens shutters momentarily blocking out the sound of the hovering waitress who is there to take orders for coffee.

Gradually, eventually, the herd settles to enjoy their spoils. But wait! There is a rumble in the corner. It is the Maitre Patissier himself, and the humble foodbloggers prostrate themselves in his presence

Okay, the last paragraph is made up, but the rest of it is pretty accurate. Long live foodblogger get-togethers. And Zumbo.


  1. hi belle

    Great photos of the bloggers in action (notice the life and death concentration on my face, and whose in my light! hehe) and I love the David Attenborough account, very funny!

    see u soon
    Simon :-)

  2. Hehe Adriano Zumbo really is the ultimate foodie celebrity complete with groupies (and there were more than just NQN and myself!). Is that what my back looks like?!

    The ways of a foodblogger...sad but true! But very humourously written :)

  3. LLOOOLL that was soo awesommmeee ^^! Very accurate haha all of it ;)

  4. LOL great post belle. Great to have met you on Sunday, shame I couldn't really introduce myself. Looking forward to you highlighting ZUmbo's next range. btw love the pic of everyone taking a photo of the man himself.

  5. LOL at Attenborough description of us! Scarily accurate ;) It was great to see you again albeit rather briefly!

  6. lol. Eerily accurate. Great to hear the species is in no danger of extinction though. At this rate they'll take over the world. Wheeee!

  7. hahaha the boy loves david attenborough! great to see ya again dude and i love that last shot of the foodbloggers ambushing zumbo hehe

  8. hi Simon - you certainly look like you have one thing on your mind - getting that perfect cake shot!

    hi Karen - I'm sure AZ is a worthy recipient of all our adulation (talent, creativity, goodlooking fans, haha!).

    hi FFichiban - great to see you again. Hope you liked your hamburger (not).

    hi Linda - seems like some foodbloggers can out-pap the paparazzi!

    hi Lorraine - hope we can catch up next time.

    hi Helen - foodblogging rules. You know, you're one of my inspirations, too!

    hi Suze - did you enjoy your rice pudding eclair? Noticed you weren't going to let anyone near it, hehe!