Saturday, January 29, 2011

Adriano Zumbo, TV and Ooh, Look... it's my birthday

You may have heard that Sydney's star patissier, Adriano Zumbo, has a new television show premiering on SBS on February 10.  I'm in 2 minds about this because I alternately love and hate Mr Zumbo.

How do I love thee, Adriano, let me count the ways:
 - Your cakes are so very photogenic
 - You are quite photogenic, too
 - Your patisserie is tantalisingly close to my house and I like to boast about it

Why I can't stand you (sometimes):
 - You make me spend so much money on something that makes me fat
 - You are so popular that I can no longer get into the store
 - The store is so small and service there is so slow (not really your fault but the staff do wear your name on their t-shirts).

That makes it even stevens, no?  I will be tuning in to the show, don't worry about that!

It also happens to be this blog's THIRD BIRTHDAY *release the streamers!!*

How's that for great timing?  I originally posted on Zumbo cake several times a week, hence the rapid weight gain in the early days, though the weight has recently, disturbingly, plateaued even though I'm no longer eating so much cake. 

Anyhoo, the focus these days is more on food that I like to prepare for dinner and dessert and poor ol' Zumbo has been relegated to my Tumblr blog, together with the cat.  I'm sure they are thrilled to be there.

Let me know if you are happy with this arrangement, though if you aren't I would not count on any more changes any time soon  - and this is a lead-in to the fact that my blog header here has changed. Or didn't you notice???  So (here's more stats) in the three years since this blog started, I have:
 - posted about Zumbo cakes more than 100 times
 - posted about 'other' cakes 12 times
 - presented over 100 recipes
 - started a craft blog (please visit it here, it's very colourful)
 - changed the header once
 - received thousands of wonderful comments from amazing and supportive readers - thank you all!

Finally, here's some eye candy for you, a kind of birthday present, in the absence of actual cake. Hope you like it!

For most of the original Adriano Zumbo cakes I've blogged about, click here.
For more recent Adriano Zumbo cakes, including the latest Summer 2010 range, click here.

This is still the most bizarre creation:


  1. Happy Birthday Bel! Three years of regular blogging is quite an achievement. Your new header is very fine :)

    These really do look amazing - I'm kind of glad these are not in easy reach here in Adelaide :) I'll be tuning into the show too.

  2. Happy birthday! I always love coming here and not knowing what I'll find...but that no matter what it'll be delicious!

  3. Happy blog birthday, Bel! (And yes, I did notice the header had changed and I'm very happy to see it incorporating one of Mr Zumbo's creations =D)

    You are the quickest and most complete source of Zumbo information for many of us but of course that isn't the only reason we readers stop by! Enjoy reading your simple recipes for inspiration as well, and spotting Tabitha in the background too =p

  4. Happy 3rd birthday Bel! I really loved your Zumbo pornography oh and of course the delicious and mouth watering food you cook/bake up. All the best for the year ahead

  5. Can you believe that up until today I have never ever been to Zumbo's? I read your blog this morning and though if you've blogged about him 100 times I should go and check it out. YUM! Happy blog birthday!

  6. I love your new header, I've never eaten one of Zumbo's creations (and never likely to as he uses lots of ingredients I can't eat due to allergies) but I love watching the Masterchef contestants re-create his recipes so I will be tuning in. Happy 3rd blog birthday and may there be many more to come! :D

  7. woohoo happy blogiversary! here's to many more years to come!

  8. Happy blog birthday! Three huh? What's that in human years? LOL

    Those Zumbo cakes look amazing in your photos, and yes, the service is so sloooooooowwwww in his shops! So fiddly putting all his cakes in boxes; can't they be pre-packed or something?

  9. Auguri per il compleanno del tuo blog, e complimenti sinceri a te sei bravissima!!!!
    Ciao a presto!

  10. Happy happy third anniversary Bel! I did definitely notice the new look - I like it a lot! Thanks for all the Zumbo eye candy... and I was thinking we should give YOU a gift! Wishing you more blog birthdays to come!


  11. Happy Anniversary! Isn't zumbo's sweet creation amazing!

  12. Happy birthday for your blog!

    Aww, no Zumbo posts here anymore? :(

  13. Happy bloggy day lovely! I miss Zumbo and so Im heading up to Sydney in March.

  14. My Bel! I missed you. Ooh, and Happy Blog Birthday. You've accomplished so much here-I didn't know you have so many Zumbo cake posts. That's kind of awesome:)
    p.s. I love your new header by the way, and the idea of mixing food and craft is a good one. I don't visit craft blogs really, but I like seeing stuff like that. You know, in a random like fashion. I think others would too...
    p.s.s. I want to learn how to make peyote cuffs (beaded ones).

  15. Happy Birthday Bel! :) Love the Zumbo collection.

  16. Happy Blog Birthday Bel! Love how you're trying to hide behind one of Adriano's creations =)

  17. Happy blog-oversary! Some interesting stats you have about your blog there! Looking forward to more eye candy :)