Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Freeze me now - Berry yoghurt ice cream

Hot -  humid -  sucks-the-life-out-of-you weather means:
...a craving for air conditioning 24x7
...sneaking a Frosty Fruit in the middle of the night
...hating it when the cat lies on top of you to sleep (normally a 'love')

Ice cream is always a must-have in my house, so much so that there are several tubs of almost-finished ice cream taking up valuable freezer space. So many flavours, so little time!

I got the idea for this quick and easy treat while watching Jamie Oliver's 30 Minute Meals on television the other week. Have you seen the series yet? Jamie runs around the kitchen with several saucepans, frypans, food processors and kettles on the boil/whizzing away and prepares a 3-course meal in 30 minutes.  I think you'd have to be pretty incredible (or Jamie Oliver) to actually accomplish this, but it makes for good television.

Jamie whipped up an ice cream by mixing a couple of ingredients together, then plonking it in the freezer for 30 minutes while he made the rest of the meal.  I found that my ice cream didn't freeze completely in one hour, let alone 30 mins, though maybe my freezer isn't cold enough.  Just give it a little more time and you'll also be enjoying a scoop or two of this healthy and delicious dessert.

Berry Yoghurt Ice Cream
serves 2-3

1 1/2 cups natural or Greek yoghurt (no-fat or low-fat is okay)
1 cup frozen mixed berries or other fruit (mango would be lovely)
2 tblsp honey, to taste

1. Put the yoghurt, frozen berries and honey into a food processor and mix until combined.  Don't mix for too long or the berries will melt - you want the berries to still be frozen.  Taste and add more honey if you want a sweeter ice cream.
2.  Scrape the mixture into a shallow metal container and place into the freezer for an hour or until almost completely frozen.
3.  To serve, scoop the ice cream into bowls and garnish with fresh fruit, if desired.  The ice cream melts quite quickly, so dig in as soon as possible.

Very simple - just frozen berries, no-fat yoghurt and honey. Mix. Freeze.
My ice cream had some ice crystals and would have benefited from a bit longer in the freezer.  It tasted wonderful...
Great idea, Jamie!


  1. Oh wow, how simple is that to make! Do you think you could make it with Greek Yoghurt as well?

  2. hi MelbaToast - I actually made it with no-fat Greek yoghurt and it is tangy and good. I've updated the post accordingly. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Oh goshh.... love the berries. need to have more of it before it goes away

  4. This is exactly why I adore Jamie. And you. This sounds perfect in so many ways.

  5. Omigod how purply good does that look?! And I have to agree with every single statement about the hot weather. Why don't cats sprawl on the floor when its hot? Why do they still cuddle? They are like walking sticky furnace balls.

  6. So easy and delicious. My swimmers are on and I'm diving in!

  7. Not only it looks delicious and beautiful but it's also healthy - great recipe!

  8. Looks so so delicious and the photos are beautiful!

  9. So berrily purple! And I love watching Jamie Oliver's newest series - my theory is that us mere mortals can only achieve what he does in 30 minutes if we possess the amazing speed-chopping which he displays!

  10. This looks gloriously good, and nothing says sexy like a random dribble down the side of your bowl.

  11. Looks so pretty! Love the gorgeous vibrant colour!

  12. Love the simplicity of this ice cream, so tasty, pretty and healthy...yummie :-)

  13. Bel - looks perfect for this scorching weather! Do you have any left? :)

  14. Look at that stunning colour! And yes I heard that it was in the 40's-eek! :(

  15. OOOH, I will definitely be making this! LOVE THE IDEA

  16. I can't believe I came up with the same thing that Jamie Oliver did! I make this kind of 'ice-cream' for my daughter all the time and pour it into ice-block moulds so she can have individual ice-creams. I made a batch with mixed berries and banana for our NYE party and the little ones weren't the only ones who tucked in :)

  17. I do love watching Jamie's 30 minute meals though with my speed in the kitchen my quickest meal would probably be done in at least one hour. I love the colour of the berries coming through - stunning =)

  18. Such a pretty colour:) I think I will have to give this a go.