Friday, February 18, 2011

Oh, Figs! Or... Honey I'm Blue (cheese) without you

This is more of an 'idea' than a recipe, so I feel a bit of a slacker in posting this. Please forgive me!
But the fresh fiigs were so lovely (and cheap!) and it was the work of an instant to throw them in my trolley at the grocer's and start thinking about what to do with them.

I think it's a bit of a waste not to eat fruit raw when it's at its prime - the summer nectarines, peaches and plums are brilliant at the moment, and there's nothing like biting into a lightly chilled piece of fruit that is heavy with juice.  And so it is with these figs - I was thinking of baking them with some prosciutto, but laziness, a lack of prosciutto and steamy, humid weather (no baking, thanks!) won out.  Also, I was so languid that making a balsamic sauce was too much effort; luckily, some fragrant floral honey is perfect when drizzled on the blue cheese, which in turn complements the soft, sweet figs flawlessly. 

Figs with blue cheese and honey
serves 2

2-3 ripe figs
70g soft blue cheese
30ml runny honey

1.  Cut the stem from the figs, then cut a deep cross in the top of the fig and spread out slightly
2.  Crumble the blue cheese over the figs, then drizzle the honey on top. Serve.

A soft, ripe fig is blissful on its own...
...but add blue cheese and honey, and it's ambrosial.
By the way, have you tried blue cheese with just honey - the combination of salty/sharp and sweet is surprising but addictive.  It would make a fantastic dessert.


  1. Delicious! I made this on my last holiday and grilled them before drizzling the honey. Nirvana!

  2. yum that looks delightful! simple recipes always make the tastiest treats

  3. Oh you are so making me miss fig season! What a splendid idea.

  4. delicious! a great combo & delicious served on toasted ciabatta too...enjoy your weekend. dayle

  5. Very Summerliscious! Sorry, I just had to make up that word when I saw the pics of this simple but great treat of figs.

  6. hey i just bought figs today too...def cheaper these days!
    haha i had exact same thought as well...with the prosciutto but yea, too lazy to get them! might follow your idea. but eek i dont even have blue cheese..haha

  7. Ooo - that looks really delicious. I LOVE Blue Cheese. I'd still like to see your figs with prosciutto though...sounds nom.

  8. Figs with blue cheese is one of my favourite combos. And just saying the words runny honey makes me smile :)

  9. Bel, this fig with blue cheese look so yummie, lovely combination of flavors and so simple...great photos as well...have a great week ahead :-)

  10. Everytime I visit the fruit & veg shop I am always eyeing the figs! They are just gorgeous at the moment and I'm sad to say they just disappeared into my mouth before I could even think about doing anything creative with them!